TWD Season Six – I Think I’ve Got It Now


Welcome to the guest writer column at Film and TV Nerd, this week we welcome writer  with her thoughts on the Walking Dead!

So I’ve been thinking about the events that happened on Sunday and a few things stuck out to me but before we go on, there will be spoilers in here if you haven’t seen “Knots Untie” just skip over me like I don’t even exist and come back after you’ve seen it. You’ve been warned!

Proceeding now! So, as I was saying, there were some interesting things going on in this episode. The rude awakening of Rick and Michonne in their birthday suits from Jesus and Carl’s non reaction to realizing that his dad is hooking up with Michonne. I think Carl likes this idea! It’s not his mom but she’s bad ass and can handle her own!


The group going to Hilltop Colony, seeing some bad signs coming up to it, but still moving forward didn’t seem very cautious. It looks like the place has been around a while and is fairly self-sufficient with the HUGE exception of having an army to protect it. This leaves them at the mercy of any group that has weapons to take advantage of them. This is exactly what Negan and The Saviors have been doing, but it seems the deal the Greg made with just won’t cut it any more. The fact that their people are so weak to submit to Negan and try to take out their leader shows that he must be a pretty bad and ruthless dude. Can’t wait to meet him!


Maggie proved to be a pretty bad ass negotiator! First being completely put off by Greg’s advances to dominating his broken ass after he’s attacked by his own people! Hopefully Greg learned a valuable lesson from the whole ordeal! Not only to not mess with Maggie but food is one thing albeit necessary, but it can’t fight for or defend you.


The whole Abraham and Sasha thing is getting a little weird. Abraham obviously has feeling for her but he’s also torn between what he doesn’t have and what he already does have; Rosita. She definitely is all in with him but he’s not with her. Looking forward to how that whole bomb explodes.


There was more than a little foreshadowing going in this episode.  As Maggie said “It’s going to cost us something”. The battle begins! We’re going to war!

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