Lucky Man, S1 E5 Review

Harry and DS Chohan investigate the slaying of an underground gambling den owner and the magic bracelet allows our intrepid hero to be saved from certain death by a drop of water, breeze through some green lights and save a man’s tongue from being cut off. To say that Stan Lee’s Lucky Man goes a bit bonkers this week would be an understatement.

Warning – Episode 5 of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man may cause headaches. We last left Harry about to be shot in the head by the bald Russian. As Harry’s face contorts to that of someone with really, really bad constipation, a lucky drop of water and a loose shoe saves his life. Clearly shaken by all this, Harry nevertheless throws himself into investigating the slaying of Caleb Percy, owner of an underground gambling den. Following a series of clues a five year old could piece together, he and Chohan track suspected killer Tim Larson down, find that he and Caleb were both connected to Lily-Anne Lau and the Green Dragon casino and investigate a secret underground game that is played with no money. As Harry’s estranged wife Anna asks questions about last week’s death of Kevin Grey at the medical institute where all is not as it seems, Harry gets all green lights on the roads and uses the luck of the magic bracelet to gain entry to the game with no money.

Once in, he bets his retro BMW and saves Larson from having his tongue, which he’d bet, from being hacked off after losing to Harry in a game of a rat choosing a sugar cube. Meanwhile, Chohan goes rogue and intercepts a flash drive meant for Big Bastard Boss Winter that contains video evidence proving Harry won big at the Green Dragon casino the night Lily-Anne’s father was murdered.

After last week’s breezy fun, this is all getting very complicated and very silly now and we’re only at mid-series. Having the murder-of-the-week connected to Lily-Anne and the Green Dragon is just about plausible but the plot strand of gold bullion dealer Lermentov is left hanging, almost-ex wife Anna starts a whole new one with some potential dodgy dealings at the clinic and the underground, no money game – run by someone called, incredibly, “The Gamesmaster” – is just ridiculous, offering the sort of gambling challenge you can see on any crap Saturday night entertainment show.

Having the mysterious Eve appear at episodes end, introduce yet more plot concerning her mother’s murder and then vanish once more is almost expected. We know Harry won’t question her or demand answers. And of course, we also know all this plot will likely be tied-up and solved nicely in another five episodes, but will we really care by then?

Once again, James Nesbitt as Harry and Amara Karan as DS Suri Chohan do all the heavy lifting and are the only real reason to keep watching. You can’t fault Nesbitt’s commitment to the role. And he doesn’t run this week, so we all get lucky not having to witness that again.

I’m not going to lie, this series is starting to lose my interest, the plot is fine all be it a little silly, i just wish this would make its mind up, is it a supernatural series or a crime drama?

Hopefully in time my patience will be rewarded for sticking with Lucky man, but right now i just dont feel that lucky.

What are your thought on Lucky man?

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