The walking Dead, S6 E10 Review

No show likes to troll its audience quite like The Walking Dead. Game of Thrones may kill off people you love, and shows like Lucky Man may test your patience, but there’s something unique about The Walking Dead’s ability to get you invested.

After taking down the the quarry walkers last week, it was time to get back to rebuilding and restocking Alexandria on “The Walking Dead.”

Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon hit the road on a run, Michonne got Spencer to open up, Carl got back on his feet, and for two characters, romance blossomed. But there was also a little trouble caused by a man named Jesus.

It’s morning and Rick is using a sharp blade to carve a new notch in his leather gun belt as he sits at a desk, a black and white photo of a happy Carl (now with a white patch over his eye), and baby Judith in front of him. He picks up his watch and straps it on. Michonne comes in. Her hair is up in a towel and she’s in a robe.

Outside, Daryl is going over Dr. Denise Cloyd’s supplies wish list with her. It includes the usual – basic food and medical supplies, and one special item in particular – pop. Daryl seems unfamiliar with Denise’s Ohio-speak for soda.

A short while later, Rick and Daryl hop into a dusty Bentley and head for the exit. Eugene, who is now manning Alexandria’s main gate, gives them a map of the local agricultural supply spots before letting them out. As the two cruise down the road, Daryl sees Rick motioning for something in the back seat. “Please don’t,” he asks his friend. But it’s no use. Rick pops in a CD and starts singing along.

The boys’ first stop is a garage stop. Working together to open the door – cautiously. Jackpot! There’s a truck inside full of untouched food! They’ll leave the Bentley behind and come back for it later (It would have made too much sense to have them drive separately back home)

But they don’t head straight home. Instead, down a different path back , Rick pulls the truck into an abandoned gas station, where Daryl spots a metal container that just happens to contain several cans of pop. Just as they start to try and open it, they’re jumped by a man in a mask.

There’s only one of this joker, and two of our guys, so Rick and Daryl turn the tables, and point their guns at the man. Paul’s the name, “but my friends used to call me Jesus,” the man says. After a little hesitation, and some back and forth with Daryl, Rick starts to ask those three questions, but the man has no time for it and runs off. Running was a smart idea.

Moments later, gunshots ring out close by. Rick and Daryl run to where the sounds came from, only to find out the real cause – firecrackers.  They’ve been tricked. Paul/Jesus stole the keys and the van. “Sorry,” the thief says, as he pushes down on the gas pedal and drives off.


Closer to home, Michonne has left her guard post to follow Spencer into the woods. He’s up to something. He’s got a shovel on his back and won’t tell her why. He tries to head off alone, but Michonne follows him anyway.

Sweaty and out of breath, Rick and Daryl stop chasing (on foot) the truck thief as the metal container that they had attached to the back of the truck – the one with the soda in it, is in the road, and it’s open. “This was a special request for the doctor,” Daryl says as he and Rick share an orange crush from the container. The two men talk a little bit about the value or lack-thereof of newcomers. Rick praises Denise (she was new and she worked out) while Daryl slams Paul/Jesus (he does not want this guy coming home with them if they find him).

After catching their breath, they get back to chasing the truck’s tracks and eventually catch up with the thief, who had to park due to car trouble. Quietly, Daryl and Rick creep around and get in position before jumping Paul/Jesus. “This is done,” Rick says, as they point their guns at him, forcing him to give in. “Do you even have any ammo?” the man, who is now on the ground, asks. They reply by shooting a walker headed their way. Rick asks for the keys and once they get them, they leave the thief tied up on the road.

Or not. As they pull off into a field, there is banging on the roof of the truck – it’s Paul/Jesus! Slam! Rick hits the brakes and the man goes flying. Paul/Jesus gets up, and Daryl jumps out of the truck cab and chases him down.

With walkers in the field, Rick has to get involved too, but one gets loose and goes for Daryl who doesn’t see it because he’s too busy trying to get Paul/Jesus out of the cab of the truck. “Duck,” the thief yells. Daryl does and the thief shoots a walker, saving Daryl, who punches him after a quick “thanks.” Sadly, the truck they were all fighting for slips backwards in the mud (whacking Paul/Jesus in the head and knocking him out), all the way into a lake.

Back in the woods near Alexandria, Michonne tries to get Spencer to come home. “It’s not home. It’s just where I live,” he replies. Spencer says he’s in the woods because he has to take care of something. She wants to help, but he won’t let her. A noise in the woods startles them both. It’s Carl. Michonne sees him being pursued by a walker. Carl is leading this particular walker toward them for some reason.

“I thought I saw her that night. I thought I did. I did,” Spencer says when he sees the walker. It’s — or was — his mother, Deanna. It’s an emotional moment for Spencer, but rather than just take care of it herself, Michonne holds walker Deanna’s arms back, and lets Spencer drive the knife into its brain, before they bury Deanna’s remains and head back.

Also heading back to Alexandria at this point are Rick and Daryl, who have Paul/Jesus in the car with them. “He took a pretty hard hit. Denise needs to look him over,” Rick says of their allegedly knocked-out newcomer who is now in the backseat with Daryl (not buying that he’s unconscious for this whole journey).

Michonne gets back to Alexandria first and begins to have a heart-to-heart with Carl. “You should have left her or killed her,” she tells Carl about walker Deanna. He disagrees. Spencer had to do it, Carl insists. “It should be someone who loved her, someone who’s family,” Carl says, telling Michonne he’d do it for her. She pulls him close. “Me too,” she replies, hugging him.

A little while later, Daryl and Rick pull their car back into Alexandria, and take Jesus to the infirmary, where’s he’s treated. He’s then put in a makeshift cell for the night, and given a cup of water and a note from Rick (he’s still allegedly unconscious).

Finally, Rick makes it home and collapses on the couch. Michonne walks in, happy over watching baby Judith on the baby monitor – she’s practicing crawling in her sleep. As they sit on the couch side-by-side, Rick asks if she wants to tell him about her day. She says no. “Oh, got you something,” Rick says, handing Michonne some mints from his back pocket, instead of the toothpaste she asked for (he explains that’s at the bottom of a lake). She clutches it in her hand. And then it happens – Rick puts his hand on top of Michonne’s and their fingers interlock. Moments later, Rick leans in for a kiss. And more (Richonne is on!).

“Rick, Rick wake up,” a man says in Rick’s bedroom, where Rick and Michonne are fast asleep. They jump out of bed and grab their weapons and stand up — naked — as they face Paul/Jesus who is at the foot of their bed.

This was almost like an entirely different show compared to last week, lighthearted and at times very comical, in short it was a nice change of pace to have a sense of normality to the Walking Dead.

We all know that Negan is right around the corner and that the peace will soon be shattered, so to have a fun episode like this is ok once in a while. Where does the show go next week, its hard to say right now.

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