THE BOOK NOOK #3 – The Gray Institute – Book one

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Welcome to the Book Nook, a new regular feature series here on Film and Nerd TV that aims to show case up and coming as well as established authors work.

This week the Third inductee to the nook is author LeAnne Pearson the creator of The Gray Institute (The Gray Institute Trilogy Book 1).


The Gray Institute synopsis reads as the following:

Eve Ryder has made mistakes in life; mistakes which have led her down a path of self-destruction.

With no home, no job, no family and no future, Eve feels ready to end it all. Little does she know that someone else has been watching her – someone who’s placed the value of Eve’s life much higher than she has.

When Eve wakes in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by strange people, she thinks she’s been tossed into a mental facility. But Eve could never dream that the truth will be even harder to believe, and that her whole world is about to be turned on its head.

Welcome to The Gray Institute.

If this has peaked your interest you can read the book for free on kindle unlimited and for 99p right here! (Something i would highly recommend).

Newly released Welcome to The Gray Institute is already racking up the five star reviews on amazon with such quotes as:

Loved the strong character development. You reply get to know, and feel for the characters. Especially eve as she faces the complete transformation of everything she thought she knew, only to find her new life thrown into chaos by forces beyond her control. Looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy when it’s out.

This book is a great read! Gripping and exciting from start to end! I 110% recommend.

Its clear that LeAnne Pearson has poured he heart and soul into her writing, having lovingly crafted each character and moment over the course of five years.

Welcome to The Gray Institute will be FREE for five days only in the next month so follow LeAnne Pearson Twitter and on the Facebook page to make sure you do not miss this offer!

Congratulations LeAnne on your first novel, we hope to see the second installment back here in the book nook in the future!

If you are a writer and would also like your work featured on The Book Nook, feel free to get in touch here on wordpress  click here for the facebook page and finally follow me on Twitter@CongertonLee.

Happy reading and writing.




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