The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury (2012) Novel review

Having read Rise of the Governor I recently continued the trilogy and read Road to Woodbury. So how is it? How does it connect to The Walking Dead comics and does it capture the series’ atmosphere? How does it compare to Rise of the Governor? 

Overall, although The Road to Woodbury is a far cry from being the essential read that Rise of the Governor was to fans of the comics, it’s still worth picking up to anyone who is interested enough in The Walking Dead’s mythology, wants to see The Governor’s story come full-circle is it begins to crossover with the comics, or simply wants to keep up-to-date with Kirkman and Bonansinga’s prequel trilogy.

Although The Road to Woodbury isn’t as much of an exciting or consuming read that I’d hope the sequel to Rise of the Governor would be, it’s still an enjoyable read (depending on expectations) that sets the stage for The Fall of the Governor, the final chapter in the duo’s trilogy that promises to be an  hugely entertaining epic that should wrap-up the trilogy in style.

Being a fan of the TV show and not having read the comics i fully understand that the talk of going back to the source material can be very daunting. There is just so much of it where do you start?

Don’t worry as Film and TV nerd has the solution for you, take an hour out of your day for a week and listen to the audio version of this novel which is broken down into two parts as seen below, you wont regret it.

Part one:

Part Two:


Out of a possible five stars the road to woodsbury earns:


Have you read the Novels?

What did you think of the road to woodsbury?

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Thank you for reading



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