The Walking Dead, S6 E9 Review

When we last left Rick and Co. in Alexandria, things were looking pretty desperate.

Firstly, the  opening was one of the best in the series. Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl are driving in their truck when they encounter a group of jerks on motorcycles who ask them to hand over their weapons. The man then instructs one of his cronies to take Daryl around the back of the truck and start searching for more supplies.

While that’s happening, Sasha and Abraham try to ask some questions about what this guy is trying to do. Like all lackluster villains, he reveals his plan, which is to drive them back to wherever they came from, pillage more of their shit, and in the meantime, he’ll kill a couple of them. He points his guns up to shoot them both, then puts those guns back down. “I’m not gonna kill you,” he decides. Then, a moment later. “Wait, ya know what? Yes I am.”

But before he can do it, he and his gang of motorcycle bros die in a fiery explosion sending their remains across the road like an exploding dolphin carcass, because Daryl has killed the cronies who led him to the back of the truck, located his weapon, and used it to blow them all up.

Speaking of Alexandria, the zombies are just everywhere the group manage to slowly make it to a big bush and Rick pulls them aside to regroup. He wants to lead them to a group of vehicles at the quarry so they can round up the walkers, and get ‘em outta town (Because herding walkers has worked so well for them in the past)

And this is where you know things are about to go to shit. Jessie tells Gabriel to take Sam with him, too, but Sam fights her on it. “I can keep going,” he insists. And she lets him. even though that kid can NOT keep going. He has consistently been unable to handle anything. But, sure. Let’s have him stick around.

Now feels like a good time to check in on everyone else. Rosita and Tara are still holed up with Eugene, who’s beginning to feel a bit useless — mainly because Rosita tells him he’s never helping figure out plans. You can tell it really hurts him, but she’s right. Carol and Morgan still hate each other because the Wolf that Morgan was keeping captive in hopes he would become a good guy has taken off with Denise as hostage.

Glenn and Enid find haven in a nearby church where they search for supplies: a gun for protection and anything like sheets, ropes, and towels to help Maggie climb down from a platform where she’s stuck with zombies waiting to eat her on the ground below. Glenn’s rummaging through the place, and Enid’s staring at words painted on the wall

Denise is unfortunately being held semi-hostage by the Wolf. He’s plotting their escape from the surrounding walkers, but she’s scared and would rather be left behind. The Wolf insists she come with him when there’s a chance to make a break. She’s visibly creeped out by him, but in a way that makes you laugh a bit.

Back to Rick and his small group and Sam is about to lose it. He’s unable to look away from the grotesque images of the zombies, and he begins replaying what Carol said to him about how the monsters will come for him. He starts to cry and not move anymore.

He’s just shaking his head to his mother’s pleas and immediately gets eaten. Even though you knew this might happen, it’s still shocking to see. Then Jessie screams, the walkers notice and eat her (every woman Rick loves dies).
Carl is tugging at Rick, who seems to be in some kind of shock. He snaps out of it in time to cut Jessie’s arm off who’s tugging at Carl. In the process, Carl falls back and drops his gun. Michonne pulls out her huge sword. Ron holds the gun up to Rick. But Michonne kills him because this is a crowd of zombies and we cannot mess around. In the moment though, he’s accidentally shot the gun anyway, and sends a bullet straight through Carl’s right eye.Rick and Michonne get Carl to the infirmary and it’s time for Rambo Rick. He’s outside axing zombies one by one, Michonne decides to go out and help Rick. . People are watching from within the safety of their homes, and then something amazing happens: They work up the courage to come out and help.

And before long, the entire town is out there fighting.

Meanwhile Glenn sees Maggie stuck at the top of a crumbling platform. He tells Enid to go get her while he runs around shooting his gun to distract zombies from them. Enid climbs to meet Maggie, but now Maggie is shooting her gun and banging on things to distract them from Glenn. It looks like we are about to lose him, but then Abraham and Sasha are there with machine guns and eliminate the zombies around him. (Honestly, how many near-death scenes will Glenn get this season?)

Maggie and Glenn and Daryl and friends are back in the truck. Daryl unloads gas from the truck to create a pool he can light on fire to pull the walkers away from Alexandria and into a blaze where they’ll literally burn out. He shoots his weapon to ignite the gas. Flames surround the town. All the zombies turn to look at it and begin to walk towards it. We see rapid cuts of every single person killing zombies because nothing says unity like a zombie killing montage!

In the aftermath of it all a wounded and bandaged Carl is unconscious as Rick speaks softly to him, the show ends with Carl gripping his dads hand.

Well that was an emotional gorefest to welcome The walking dead back to our screens, it will be interesting to see where next week takes us and the looming threat of Negan on the horizon.
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