Deadpool (2016) Review

Since test footage was “leaked” over a year ago the collective nerd world waited for Deadpool to arrive whilst the entire time praying that 20th century fox wouldn’t mess this one up. For the past few months Deadpool trailers came in vast waves showing us that perhaps Fox may have gotten it right, but there were still doubts.

Finally on February 10th 2016 Fox proved just how right they got Deadpool ….. Be warned though if you haven’t seen Deadpool yet as spoilers are coming up (Why are you reading this if you haven’t seen it? ….. go see it now! ….. off you go, I’ll wait).

In an era where fans clamor for darker and more brooding heroes, Deadpool dares to be the rainbow ejaculating unicorn in the darkness.

Deadpool’s opening sequence wastes little time mocking the creators of this film before bursting into action. The tone is set from the get go, a perfect balance of comedy, ultra-violence, slap stick and gore.

Officially slated as the eighth entry into the X-men series, Deadpool begins his journey in an already established world. But his antics and total disregard for those around him as he hunts down the elusive Francies, gain negative attention of the X-men (Well just two of them).

The timeline is a little muddled, set in present day, followed by a few flashbacks until as Mr Pool mentions we are “all caught up”.

Do you need to have read the comics or have seen the previous X-men movies to be able to follow? Not at all ….. In fact it’s preferable if you haven’t seen Fox’s first attempt at the Deadpool character in X-men origins: Wolverine (It’s that terrible!).

Wade Wilson is a mercenary, spending his days putting the fear of god into those who deserve it, if the price is right that is. Always with a wisecrack at the ready, Wade meets the love of his life until he is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

When a mysterious man asks for Wade’s attention he is told humor him as “it could further the plot” (Deadpool isn’t the only one who breaks the forth wall here) and so begins deadpool’s origin story. Now this isn’t like a traditional Marvel origin story, this is brutal and unrelenting torture on a man who refuses to be broken.

Once the man in the fancy red suit and his powers have been established the film really finds its feet, the action comes thick and fast providing outrageous laughs along the way. Nothing about Deadpool feels traditional compared to the world of Marvel and that’s what makes this so great. Deadpool swears, he kills people, he knows the difference between Stewart and Mcavoy’s respective portrayals of professor Xavier and he isn’t above poking fun at the genre he stars in.

If this were any other 107 minute film about a hero trying to save the girl and gain revenge, it probably wouldn’t be worth watching, but this is Deadpool! And the reason this works so well has to be down to the efforts of Ryan Reynolds.

Back in 2011 Reynolds took the lead role as the Green Lantern which was rejected the world over, almost knocking off Batman and Robin as the worst superhero movie of all time. It was no secret that after 2011 Reynolds career hit a rough patch, but credit to the man who pushed for this film to be created and 100% captured the essence that is Deadpool for the silver screen.

The climax of the film takes place on a familiar looking aircraft carrier that nerds will be analysing for the next few months as to what it means. It’s hard to write how much I enjoyed Deadpool because I know I simply didn’t take all of it in. There are tons of inside jokes, references and quotes that honestly I will have to wait until the DVD comes out so I can appreciate them all!

As of writing this Deadpool has taken a massive 135 million at the box office in the past four days, put that against the budget of 58 million and it’s safe to say the announcement of Deadpool 2 will be on its way!

Deadpool’s runaway success coupled with its R rating (15 Here in the UK) proves that superhero movies don’t have to pander to the younger viewers. Is Deadpool likely to redefine the genre, unlikely, but it does go a long way to proving you don’t have to radically change a character (god I hate the origins version) to make it work, staying true to the source material is clearly a winning formula.

And so out of a possible five stars Deadpool earns:


A near perfect film, my one and only problem is perhaps the over saturation of trailers took away from the best moments in the film – perhaps with the sequel a less is more approach should be better, but honestly is hard to argue with 135+ million

Awesome film, perfect casting, and undoubtedly worth the long wait

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