X-men (2000) Review

Mutation, it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow and normally takes thousands of years. But once every few hundred millennium, evolution takes a leap forwards …. These are the voyages of the star ship enterprise.

Ok so I added that last part, but in all seriousness this is the film that paved the way not only for every Marvel film but for every superhero film today. Bryan Singer takes on the task of doing justice to the much loved franchise, But with a cast featuring Patrick Stuart, Ian Mckellen and Hugh Jackman, it was always a safe bet that this was being taken seriously.

The tone is set with a Young Erik in prison concentration camp as he is torn away from his mother’s arms. Enraged his powers come into play as he bends and twists and Iron Gate before him, This is the long awaiting introduction of Magneto.

We focus on Rouge as she struggles to come to terms with her new powers, fleeing home in fear she will hurt the ones she loves, in doing so she encounters wolverine. We soon discover that wolverine makes a cheap living by competing in cage matches and drinking his troubles away (no doubt trying to forget the mess that was origins).

Rouge takes a bit of a shine to the loner and decides it best to stow away in the back of his trailer because why not right? But soon they are ambushed on the road before being saved by none other than the X-men.  What is nice here is that the audience us actually treated with respect, the team is already established and we aren’t forced to sit through several origin story’s.

The pace is very well done with actual tension built up in between each battle, the dialog is smooth and well polished which provides the characters with such depth that it actually means something when each person speaks their mind.

This is perhaps boarder line dark and brooding, at least more so than the rest of the franchise, but that doesn’t stop it being comical at times too (What do they call you, wheels? its still funny to me)

The climax of the film takes place atop of the statue of liberty in a very well done sequence. With the X-men prevailing and sending Magneto to his plastic prison, from start to finish its easy to see why this film was the benchmark for all other to follow it for a long time.

Even the musical score adds such tension and gravity to each scene as it all comes together.

So out of a possible five stars X-men earns its self:


Brian Singer was no doubt the best choice to direct this film and it was cast perfectly!

What did you think of X-men ?

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