X-men: Days of Future Past (2014) Review

Hot off the heels of X-men First Class, Bryan Singer takes over the directing duties this time around for the critically acclaimed Days of Future past in a prequel that is also a sequel, serving not only to boldly unite the two casts for the first time but also ultimately delete the previous entries in the series that take place after these events (Confused yet? Me too I wrote that!).

Anyone who stuck around for the end credits of the Wolverine (Well done to you for that) will have seen the set up for DOFP as Magneto/Xavier and Wolverine reunite in a foreshadowing moment warning there are dark forces at work, being none other than Trask!

The world has become a desolate wasteland, humanity on the brink of extinction as sentinels that were designed to target and eliminate mutants detect the gene in everyone, even if the gene is lying dormant , everyone is now perceived as a threat and dealt with accordingly.

We learn that only a few survivors remain, those being the key characters from the X-men trilogy – Xavier, Magneto, Wolverine, Storm, Ice-man, Kitty and colossus. They are aided but a few select others in their quest to save humanity and change the past so that the war never begins (Essentially Terminator but with mutants).

Wolverine is sent back in time with his mind projected back 1973; 11 years after the events of First class, having Wolverine exist in both the past and the present. This time it is up to him to help Xavier at a point of his life where he has pushed everyone aside and no longer has his powers.

Convinced Xavier, Wolverine and Beast begin to recruit in their mission to prevent the chain of events that will lead to end of the world as they know it; their first stop is to meet with Quicksilver which leads to the best scene in the entire film (You know the scene I mean!) Quicksiver may not be in this film for very long but that doesn’t stop him leaving an impression that left people wanting more from him.

This version of Quicksliver puts his Age of Ultron counterpart to shame, very well portrayed and done with precision timing it’s a classic moment to be enjoyed for years to come.

Once the team is united they head over to France to stop Mystique who unwittingly will set forward the motions that will end everything, but sadly Magneto just can’t stop being a dick about things and things do not go to plan.

Now for the people who have seen the extended version known as “The Rouge Cut” you will be aware that things in the future change as Kitty is wounded and it is decided to free rouge from her prison, this also offers an explanation of how the sentinels are able to absorb other mutants powers. Whilst it may not exactly add more depth, it’s a nice bit of filler giving the most established cast members something to do.

Battle takes place in the future and the past as worlds collide and there a few shocking deaths along the way, but in the comic book world no one stays dead for long!

Honestly is a fantastic film that I could watch over and over, sure there are plot holes (Wolverine has metal claws again because?) but to have a prequel and sequel exist side by side and merge so seamlessly is very impressive indeed.

This re-wrote the entire franchise and had all the original members take part which was amazing, from Beast played by Kelsey Grammer to a photo placement everyone has been thought of here.

The bar has been raised very high here and the next installment X-men Apocalypse has a lot to live up to (Technically the next installment into the X-men universe is Deadpool though)

Overall this is superbly done and very enjoyable, so out of a possible five stars Days of Future past earns:


What did you think of X-men days of future past?

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