The X files, S10 E1 Review

From 1993 through till 2001, a generation of nerds were defined by four simple words …..”I want to believe”. spanning nine seasons and two films, the X files gained legions of fans the world over, so with the new six episodes revival upon us, would they live up to its legacy or damage it?

“My Struggle” hits the ground running almost as soon as the exposition and opening credits end. We’re taken back in time to when an actual UFO crashes into Earth, prompting the military to immediately investigate. They stumble upon an injured alien and shoot to hell. The doctor present, disturbed yet raptured with awe, takes the alien and proceeds to do a medical examination.

So, okay, the government really does know that aliens exist. I think we knew that already, but this confirms it (for those who don’t remember the finer details of what happened 10 years ago). What’s at play here now is that whatever we thought we knew from the original series could actually all be a lie. Half of me wanted to throw my hands up and yell at the world, but the other half still wants to see what else series creator Chris Carter has up his sleeve.

Since The X-Files: I Want to Believe, Scully and Mulder have, more or less, gone their separate ways. The X-Files division has been shuttered indefinitely, Scully resumes her work as a doctor, and Mulder continues to embrace a more secluded lifestyle. They reunite when Assistant Director Skinner calls them back into the world of the strange when a Bill O’Reilly clone, Tad O’Malley (a less funny version of Joel McHale being Joel McHale), all but calls out to Mulder about his crack-pot government conspiracy theories. Probably the only reason why he stands out more from the other “Truthers” out there is because his ideas perfectly align with Mulder’s. Through O’Malley, Scully and Mulder meet Sveta (The American‘s Annet Mahendru), a young woman who specifically asked for their help.

Sveta is repeat alien abductee who knew our FBI agents from when she was a little girl, but neither Scully nor Mulder recognize her. At first she tells everyone that she has been abducted and impregnated by aliens many times, and even has the “scoop scars” on her belly as proof. She also shows signs of mind-reading and claims to have the some telekinesis, though she can not always control either. However, she later confesses to Mulder that something way more sinister is happening — men are actually abducting her, not aliens. As far as we know, it has always been men conducting the experiments and creating alien hybrid children.

Meanwhile, O’Malley takes Mulder to a secret facility where a group of scientists have managed to build a replica alien aircraft, complete with a free energy propulsion technology (which the government has had since the 1940s) and gravity warp drive, made possible by the element ununpentium (implied to have really been discovered around the same time the military discovered the crashed alien vessel).

Elsewhere, Scully is testing Sveta’s blood to confirm whether or not she has an alien hybrid herself. Unlike Mulder, she’s less willing to take anyone at their word no matter how convincing their claims can be. Simultaneously, she’s left watching Mulder slide down the manic rabbit hole of conspiracy theories yet again. She takes it upon herself to take that hard turn to the right so she can at least try to keep him on track before something crazy happens. Her first round of DNA tests turned up negative, indicating that Sveta is not an alien hybrid. But a second round of tests, which included a comparison to her own hybrid blood showed that there is something extra-ordinary about Sveta.

The news comes a little too late, unfortunately. Feeling betrayed by O’Malley for making her believe that she was the key to whistleblowing an entire government conspiracy, Sveta publicly denounces the right-wing pundit’s credibility and disappears. This kicks prompts all of the black hats to come out of hiding and destroy any loose ends concerning this case. Sveta is found and killed, and the secret facility holding the alien replica ship is destroyed.

Overall, this episode was kind of a mess. But an organized mess, if that makes any sense. It’s cool seeing Scully and Mulder together again. I confess that there was a layer of nostalgia fogging up my glasses to fully perceive whether or not this was truly a good episode. If this were an entire new series, I’d wager that this would have been a pilot that would have struggled to really take off.

But I still liked it. At the end of the day, we’re getting new adventures with Scully and Mulder as well as a tenth season to a science fiction television series that defined a generation of nerds. I’m looking forward to seeing the next episode. 

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