Lucky Man, S1 E2 Review

This weeks episode begins with a recap of the previous show, before moving on to a crowd gathered in a back ally of London, betting on a game of three card monte, obviously the gentleman betting has never seen one of these games before and becomes enraged when he is hustled out of £40 (That’s $57 for our american cousins and €52.60 for Europe – Film and TV Nerd, entertainer and teacher).

Moving on we pick back up where we left off last week as Harry is on the brink of not only drowning but also having his hand chopped off. When suddenly a passing cruise ship with the very same man who was hustled is aboard and creates a convenient distraction. This allows Harry to grab the machete from his would be attacker and free his tangled legs.

Harry then saves his colleague from certain death and returns to his soon to be ex wife’s home (I assume he went to his home first?) after exchanging brief pleasantries, Harry is back on duty and back on the case. Finding a private jet which contains several hundred thousand pounds of cash, as Harry’s luck continues to shine through.

One thing to note about this show is that by this point we are only ten minutes into this episode, but the scenes just skip along, not dwelling on too much but at the same time feeling a little rushed.

We pick back up as the stereotypical bald bad guy with a Russian accent turns up at Harry’s wife’s home in search for him, but she mistakes him for a bailiff and dismisses him.

Harry’s lead takes him to the same back ally with the same game of three card monte and of course Harry has the power of luck on his side winning every hand. But this was just a distraction to gain the hustlers phone, once Harry and his partner track the hustler down, they make him talk with more firmer methods than last weeks treadmill torture (Seriously he could have just gotten of that thing). But unbeknownst to them, the hustler soon meets a grisly demise for talking.

Harry’s search for Kevin Grey is similar to that of Jessica Jones search for Kilgrave, both are kept off screen and shrouded in mystery which does make for compelling television. I’m a fan of the less is more approach and the longer they keep Grey away from the story the bigger the pay off.

Harry who is now starting to realise the power he has been given decides to put it into practice by betting at a local dog track, where of course he wins every time. Testing the boundaries of his new powers he purchases a ticket knowing he cant lose and gives this to another man.

But soon we come to realise that luck cannot be passed on to anyone else as the the race comes to an abrupt halt. Harry’s luck only gets worse here as the beautiful and mysterious woman who gave him the bracelet has been watching him, asking him to do good with it. Cue cliché bad guy as he returns looking to kill Harry, only to be thwarted by the woman allowing Harry to live to fight another day (or at least for another eight episodes).

Harry has the obligatory flashbacks that are required by the law of Stan Lee, in which we learn he lost his mother and twin brother at the age of five in a car accident. Moving on and Harry proceeds to ruin my previous statement about the less is more approach as he not only catches Grey but arrests him gaining a full confession to the murder.

The show concludes with Ben being taken away in an ambulance perhaps proving that Harry’s luck comes with consequences.

Overall an interesting episode, but it all just felt a bit rushed, it actually makes me wonder just how much input Stan Lee had on this show. I want to like this show but it just hasn’t connected with me yet, it just feels like its struggling to find its flow but having said that we are only two episodes into new territory and anything could happen at any given time.

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