Jessica Jones S1 E12 Review

“AKA Take a Bloody Number.” If you saw episode 11, you know the action picked up in a huge way as the season draws to a close.

It starts with Jones putting out Luke Cage as he burns. You may recall he was forced by Kilgrave to blow up his bar with him in it and be sure Jessica watched. They make a break for it before the cops get there, and the two of them find their way to her apartment where they commiserate about Kilgrave. Now that Cage understands what it is like and that Jones is now free partly because of what she did to his wife, they have something of an understanding.

Next up we see a phone call between Jones and Trish while Trish is still in the hospital. This is the first time we hear the name IGH. This becomes relevant later on, and will likely be a big part of a second season should it happen. The call ends as Trish’s mom comes to visit her, and argument between them ensues. This whole dynamic adds to the story when you connect it to the flashbacks.

At this point, Jones and Cage start to hunt Kilgrave by retracing where his dad Albert was. Kilgrave has Albert, so they are using that to hunt him. A little bit of investigation leads them to a local bio lab that Kilgrave has under his control, and they wait for him there.

We quickly jump back to Trish and her mom. Mom shows up at her apartment with information about the shadowy IGH. She actually has a file on them because, surprise, IGH was the company that paid Jessica’s medical bills after her car accident. And of course, mom teases that there could be more information about them at home, but she has to come home to get it.

Now it is back to Jones and Cage as they pursue Kilgrave’s courier from the lab. After a brief chase, the courier kills himself by putting garden shears in his mouth and falling forward. Straight nightmare fuel. We then also discover that once again Kilgrave is a step ahead of Jones, as his bag is empty. This is a recurring theme all season.

I don’t mean to gloss over some of the softer moments of the show, because there are some. And in particular, as Robyn and Malcolm’s relationship evolves and becomes more complex, you start to relate to both of them.

Jones and Cage trail Kilgrave to a club where he is practicing using a drug created by his dad that enhances his abilities. Just when you think the good guys have a leg up, Kilgrave plays the card that he still has control over Cage, and his order is to kill her.

The fight scene between Jones and Cage is action-packed. Clearly, Cage is stronger than Jones, and we finally get to see Jones going full strength for the most part. Seeing Cage going all Hulk Jr. it quite rewarding, and the end of the fight, when Jones has to stop him by shooting him with a shotgun at point blank range (with him giving the okay), it’s intense.

However, when she climbs onto his unconscious body, there looks to be nary a mark on him. I suppose the writers wanted to think of it as more of blunt trauma that renders him unconscious, which I am okay with. This episode was a great buildup to the season finale.

Wow its going to be tough to see this one come to a close, has an original series been done this well before?

What did you think of this episode and Which direction is the show headed in next?

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Thank you for reading


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