Superman II (1980) Review

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice hits Cinemas March 25th 2016 as the collective nerd word waits with baited breath as two of the most iconic hero’s of all time go one on one.

so what better way to look forward to the future than to have a glance back at the highs and lows (So many low’s) of the icons that changed the genre forever!

Superman II begins in midstream, and never looks back (aside from a brief recap of the first movie). In many ways, it’s a repeat of the last ninety minutes of the first film. It has the same key characters, including archvillain Lex Luthor. It continues the love story of Lois Lane and Superman, not to mention the strange relationship of Lois and Clark Kent. It features the return of three villains from Krypton, who when last seen were trapped in a one-dimensional plane of light and cast adrift in space. And it continues those remarkable special effects.

In Superman II he saves large portions of the world, all right, but what he preserves most of all is the element of humanity within him. The Superman movies made a basic decision to give Superman and his alter ego, Clark Kent, more human feelings than the character originally possessed.

So Superman II has a lot of fun developing his odd dual relationship with Lois Lane. At long, long last, Lois and Superman make love in this movie (after champagne, but discreetly offscreen in Superman’s ice palace). But Lois and Clark Kent also spend the night together in highly compromised circumstances, in a Niagara Falls honeymoon haven.

This movie’s most intriguing insight is that Superman’s disguise as Clark Kent isn’t a matter of looks as much as of mental attitude: Clark is disguised not by his glasses but by his ordinariness. Beneath his meek exterior, of course is concealed a superhero.

The whole film has more smiles and laughs than the first one. Maybe that’s because of a change in directors. The film has fun with  Lois was always throwing herself at Clark to make him admit he was really Superman. Lois bets her life on it this time, hurling herself into the rapids below Niagara Falls. Either Clark can turn into Superman and save her — or she’ll drown.

There was always something special about this film, upon view in 2016 it can at times appear dates and cheesy but that doesn’t take away from the heart this film has.

This has earned its place in the hearts of many fans the world over and will continue to do so for generations to come.

So out of a possible five stars Superman II gains:


What did you think of Superman II?

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