The Hateful Eight (2015) Review

Tarantino is back in his eighth feature film entitled the Hateful Eight, but would this live up to his previous work? No doubt it would be difficult to surpass this mighty Django Unchained (Remember the D is silent) either way much to the delight to his fans, Tarantino yet again provides the gore, the humour and the violence that he is well known for.

Broken down into six different chapters reminiscent of Kill Bill, this is a dialog heavy piece that makes use of its 167 minute run time, giving each character equal amount of time and care in their development. That being said there are a lot (and I mean a lot!) of unnecessary long drawn out scenes that add little to the story, the long pauses alone could account for about 20 minutes of this film.

This Western tale takes place several years after the American civil war and tensions are still high in a country that was once divided. Through a series of circumstances our cast slowly assemble and soon take refuge in cabin, taking shelter from a blizzard that has been bearing down on them throughout the first two chapters.

Once in the cabin things turn very much into an old western version of the board game cludo, as one by one each of the characters are spoken to, assessed and their weapon of choice removed from their person. Soon the paranoia sets in as John the bounty hunter tells each of the strangers to keep their hands off of his prisoner Daisy (It doesn’t help matters that he tells EVERYONE HE MEETS that she is worth $10.000!), but this is a Tarantino film so foul play soon rears its ugly head.

In-between the long scenes we have what can only be described as family guy style comedic gore, whist it may be over the top and just plain ridiculous how much blood there is, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it can be very shocking and unexpected at times. (The gory special effects are courtesy of The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero)

One of the oddest moments in the film comes not from the cast or directly from the plot, but four chapters into the carnage (around 90 minutes in) there is the sudden use of a narrator, Not necessarily a bad thing , but it can catch you off guard as a voice suddenly begins to talk about what the characters have been doing, you almost expect him to say “previously on the Hateful Eight” but just as sudden as the narrator comes into the film, he is gone once again.

With a Steller cast of: Samuel L Jackson, Kurt Russel, Tim Roth, Channing Tatum and Walton Goggins just to name a few, this is a loaded card that delivers a master class performance, (and some very questionable accents) making this one a must see for the performances alone.

But a word of warning though as this is not your typical film so: Do not see this if you are easily offended by racial slurs, Do not see this if you are squeamish at the slight of blood or gore and finally Do not see this if you are easily bored by a slow paced film.

Having said all that Do see this film if you like well-rounded and developed characters, Do see this to experience an unpredictable film, full of twist and turns and finally Do see this for the superb acting.(Lets just forget Bob’s stereotypical Mexican accent)

As of 20/01/2016 the total box office gross for the Hateful Eight is just over 49 million dollars, with a budget of 62 million this fallen very much short of its potential. Is it likely to make the remaining 13 million? Well that’s very much in doubt. It doesn’t help matters that Tarantino has shot this in a format that a majority of UK cinemas have rejected, combine that with the fact that this film was leaked online, so honestly Hateful Eight may struggle to see the rewards that it deserves.

Tarantino clearly has a fascination with the Western genre, which perhaps is a lost art in its self, but as we watched this we found ourselves bored at times and captivated at others, there just didn’t seem to be any middle ground here.

So out of a possible five stars, The Hateful Eight earns:


I realise that may seem very low and that the Hateful Eight has gained rave reviews from other sources, but honestly I  just can’t make my mind up on this one, I don’t love it and yet I don’t hate it, I am completely split 50/50 and thus the rating of three stars.

What did you think of the Hateful Eight?

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