Lucky Man, S1 E1 Review

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man hit screens across the UK tonight, in his first attempt at taking on a British drama with a twist that only he could provide as the comic book legend behind Iron Man, Spider-Man and the X-Men, will create a different kind of superhero in a new TV series starring James Nesbitt as a detective who can control luck

Marvel is clearly all grown up, keeping in suit with the gritty and sexulized Netflix series Jessica Jones, Lucky man wastes little time establishing its tone within the first ten minutes. Harry is a detective with a gambling habit, but unfortunately for him its an expensive habit. That is until one evening he meets a mysterious woman at the roulette table, as you may have guessed his luck suddenly changes for the best and soon he is raking in the cash and even bedding the beautiful woman for good measure.

Upon waking the next morning, Harry realizes he has a metal bracelet on his wrist, which he is unable to remove. The Woman is long gone, the only evidence she was ever there are two words written on a mirror “Good Luck”.

Set against the backdrop of modern London, Harry finds himself at the center of a crime investigation, as a casino owner whom Harry owes money to winds up dead on the street. He begins to investigate the grisly murder by using unconventional means (Such as making a man run really fast on a treadmill … the horror!).

The following day Harry’s daughter is knocked off her bike, we have a brief moment with Harry and his soon to be ex wife in the hospital, before the mysterious woman appears once more. The woman states that the bracelet was meant for someone else and “he” knows that harry has it. Whoever wears this is endowed with luck, but it comes at a price (Dun dun dunn!).

Insert one shoot out and one high speed powerboat chase along the river Thames later when suddenly Harry crashes the boat throwing himself and his college in to the water (That wasn’t very lucky), his feet entangled and only able to raise his hand above the water another boat slowly moves in with a man asking for a machete, his eyes firmly locked on the bracelet. Is Harry about to have his hand chopped off? erm nope we cant have a cliff hanger as this was immediately followed by “next time on Lucky man” showing clips of next weeks show in which Harry has both hands and the bracelet, thus killing any tension.

Lucky man is completely different to anything Stan Lee has crated previously, so far besides the bracelet and the occasional mythical reference, this actually just came off as yet another British crime drama.

However this episode did establish the main character very well, Its unclear whether this fits in with the MCU or will stand alone, if i had to venture a guess, then i would say this is independent of his previous creations.

It will be interesting to see how the show develops, to follow harry as he comes to terms now he has the gift of luck on his side, will he be able to control this ability or will it get the best of him?

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