The Walking Dead – The Oath (2013) Review

The story’s tension revolves around a wound that Paul has sustained during the attack—of course he tells Karina that it’s a cut that he received after breaking into a car, but we all know the truth.  Or do we? With nothing more than a vague map marked up with possible safe houses, the pair set off in pursuit of another home.  When they arrive at a suspiciously familiar hospital—perhaps the same one in which our beloved Rick Grimes is sleeping off a gunshot wound?  There they meet a lone doctor named Gale (Ellen Greene), who is either a stalwart healer of the sick or an unhinged hermit.

Under the direction of Greg Nicotero—Walking Dead’s secret weapon—the webisodes manage to capture enough of the gritty drama of the series to keep fans on the hook .  Though the first webisode seemed a bit like a Hyundai commercial, the second and third installments are solid pieces of acting, cinematography, and zombie head splatters.  They also don’t shy away from the harsh questions that arise when survivors are forced to adopt a skewed sense of morality—it’s quite a surprise when you find out what The Oath actually is.

The remainder of season six The Walking Dead is only three weeks away, I was glad to get a small reminder of what makes the show great—normal people forced to the brink of sanity, rotten corpses getting their heads smashed with blunt objects, and harsh moral quandaries.  Check out the webisodes if you’re in need of a Walking Dead appetizer.

So out of a possible five stars, The Oath earns its self:


What did you think of the webisode?

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