Jessica Jones S1 E11 Review

Episode 11, “AKA I’ve Got the Blues,” with a flashback to young Jessica just regaining consciousness after her family’s car accident. As Jess insinuated earlier in the series, the Walker family taking her in was a calucuated move on the part of Mrs. Walker to prop up the slipping brand of her daughter Patsy (who we now know as Trish.)

That memory is painful, but so is the reality of the present. Hope is dead after committing bloody suicide, and the members of the Kilgrave support group just barely escaped with their lives. Fortunately Kilgrave only told them to step forward so they aren’t still trying to hang themselves.

Jess quickly goes into damage control mode, telling the whole group what they’re going to say to the cops. Robyn doesn’t want to lie, but Malcolm rallies the others with some help from Jessica explaining that they can do their part to make sure others don’t get hurt or killed. As everyone gives statements to the police, Robyn decides to fall in line.

Trish tries to reassure her friend that trading Albert for Hope was a sensible plan, but Jessica replies that one is dead and the other is as good as dead. Despite what she’s been through, Jessica wants to head to the morgue to look for Albert, hoping for leads on Kilgrave’s location. They manage to use Trish’s connections to get past the morgue’s unwilling attendant, but the John Doe isn’t Albert. Afterward, Trish goes home to sleep, but Jess crosses more hospitals off her list.

She finally reaches the end of her search and falls asleep sitting by the door to an old morgue. In her half-sleeping deliria, she sees a man with a purple suit and quickly gives chase. That gets her hit by a car, and to top if off, it’s not even Kilgrave. Of course.

Back at work on her radio show the next morning, Trish gets a visit from Simpson. He offers an apology for his violent behavior, blaming it on Kozlov’s pills, and claims he quit.

Will says he wants to apologize to Jessica in person and asks if he can see her for dinner later. Trish agrees and leaves her assistant in charge of the show (with a rock flautist performing!) and goes to pick up Jess after getting a text message from her.

Jess’ ribs are messed up, though she notes that she heals faster than most. She slips just a bit and says she can protect the “one or two” people she cares about before backtracking and saying there’s just one. Looks like she’s finally going to get some sleep, in any case.

Or at least another flashback. Young Jessica is in the bathroom trying to ignore another argument between Patsy and her mom. She breaks a hairbrush while cleaning out some loose hair, and in frustration she slams her fists on the sink, snapping it clean off. She also discovers that she can easily lift it overhead with one arm, startling Patsy when she heads into the bathroom to escape her mom — who hit her with a People’s Choice Award. The two girls make a deal to keep each other’s secrets.

That trip down memory lane ends when Jessica gets a text about another body at the morgue. Told that the body is from the CDC building where they were holding Kilgrave, Jess smashes her way into the closed morgue and finds the John Doe is burnt beyond recognition. Of course we know it’s Clemons, not Albert, and Jess soon discovers the same thing. They think it’s Kilgrave, but the truth is worse.

It also finds Trish quickly, because Simpson is sitting out in her hallway. He seems awfully interested in Jessica, and they argue about her, though some of Kozlov’s men soon interrupt. Simpson says he’s got this, taking two more red pills. Now in full-fledged nuke mode.

He takes out both guys with head shots and creepily answers Trish’s cellphone when Jessica calls looking for her. He lies to Jessica while cleaning up after his kills, and he also has Trish locked in her own gym. For her protection, naturally. The last thing we see is Trish smashing the door hinges with one of her free weights.

Jessica finds Malcolm waiting for her back at their building, though she’s not crazy about giving the support group an update on her hunt for Kilgrave. A knock on her door reveals Simpson, gun in hand. He scraps that plan when innocent people wander by, though Jess seems to realize something is off about him. Her sleuthing skills come to the forefront as she accuses Simpson of killing Clemons, and we’ve got ourselves a scrap. It’s the best brawl of the series so far, with Simpson’s red pills and Jess’ injuries making it an even fight.

Things look bad for our hero until Trish arrives, smashing Simpson in the head with a fire extinguisher. The woman barricade themselves in the bathroom, and while Simpson smashes his way through the door with a metal pipe, Trish considers taking the red pills herself. Will says she’ll kill herself without the blue pills to come down, then tosses them out the window. The newly enhanced Trish and Jessica are able to join forces to knock Simpson out. Unfortunately, Simpson was right, and Trish soon stops breathing. Jessica starts CPR and calls for an ambulance.

And also heads into another flashback, where her younger self discovers Mrs. Walker trying to make Patsy purge. Jess confronts Mrs. Walker, throwing her into a wall. Jess seems happy her secret is out in the open.

The paramedics struggle to save Trish since they aren’t familiar with what she took, but they’re able to get her back. Jessica yells at her friend for trying to play hero, but Trish says she learned it from Jess.

Malcolm is disappointed when the support group doesn’t show up, leaving him to get into a philosophical debate with Robyn about whether life is meaningless and if people can truly help each other. Depressing, though admittedly, Robyn has been through a lot.

Back at Trish’s apartment, we see Kozlov order people to take Simpson. Think that might come back to haunt the MCU at some point? Malcolm sees something going on through Jessica’s smashed door but decides against calling her. At Trish’s hospital room, she gets a text from someone else: Kilgrave, saying he ran into Jessica’s “boyfriend” and that if she hurries, she can say goodbye.

Frantic, she heads to Luke Cage’s bar, seeing him close the window before the whole place explodes. Luke stumbles out, clothes on fire, and she quickly beats out the flames. He’s alive, but … damn.

A whole episode without Kilgrave as we’re heading down the final stretch? Kind of a weird pacing choice, but still an entertaining hour thanks to the women battling Nuke and the insight we got into the history between Jessica and Trish. It’s about time Luke was brought back into the fold after sitting out the whole middle part of the series. This wasn’t my favorite episode, but it should set up one hell of a finale.

What did you think of this episode and Which direction is the show headed in next?

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