Batman (1989) Review

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice hits Cinemas March 25th 2016 as the collective nerd word waits with baited breath as two of the most iconic hero’s of all time go one on one.

so what better way to look forward to the future than to have a glance back at the highs and lows (So many low’s) of the icons that changed the genre forever!

Many may be aware of the fact that Batman hasn’t always been the Dark Knight we know and love today. The Adam West portrayal of the character is quite well known to even younger fans who may not have even seen an episode of the show.

But what many may not know about this incarnation of the character was just how pervasive it was in the public’s eye well into the 1980s, and unless you were a fan of comic books, the general public didn’t catch on to the character until much later on.

Plans for what would become Tim Burton’s Batman began in the early 1980s and went through several revisions, including versions where Dick Grayson, the first and most famous Robin, made appearances before he was ultimately axed from the script himself. (No wonder Batman’s sidekicks have such hard lives — they can’t even catch breaks in the real world!)

Though Burton’s Gotham City is certainly large-scale made before the era of CGI, this is purely a practical, real-sets-and-props construction. At street level, gray and anonymous people scurry fearfully through the shadows, and the city cancels its 200th anniversary celebration because the streets are not safe enough to hold it.

Gotham is in the midst of a wave of crime and murder orchestrated by The Joker (Jack Nicholson), and civilization is defended only by Batman (Michael Keaton). The screenplay takes a bow in the direction of the origin of the Batman story as young Bruce Wayne saw his parents murdered by a thug and vowed to use their fortune to dedicate his life to crime-fighting, and it also explains how The Joker got his fearsome grimace. Then it turns into a gloomy showdown between the two bizarre characters.

Thinking back on this film I remember the astonishing special effects shot that travels up to the penthouse of a towering, ugly skyscraper, and I remember the armor slamming shut on the Batmobile as if it were a hightech armadillo. I remember The Joker grinning beneath a hideous giant balloon as he dispenses free cash in his own travesty of the Macy’s parade, and I remember a really vile scene in which he defaces art masterpieces in the local museum before Batman crashes in through the skylight.

Each moment etched into my mind that will last forever, with so many classic moments in one film it is undeniable that this is the definitive batman that paved the way for others to come for decades on wards

so out of a possible five stars Batman gains:


What did you think of Batman?

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