Jessica Jones,S1 E9 Review

As episode nine opens, Kilgrave finds himself a prisoner. Not only is he trapped in the hermetically sealed room Jess and her friends had planned for him all along — flooded with water about ankle-deep — she’s also making him watch video of his parents experimenting on him as a kid. That would be cruel if it was anyone else.

Jessica taunts Kilgrave, calling him by his given name, Kevin. As they talk about fates worse than death, Kilgrave once again mentions that he’s never killed anyone. And what’s that big red button by Jessica’s left hand?

We find out when Kilgrave recalls the first time he met Jessica and forced her to make love to him. The room is rigged (by Simpson) to deliver an electrical shock through the water. Nice.

Unfortunately for Simpson, he’s not in great shape after his close call with the bomb last episode. Trish Walker speeds him through the city, asking for a specific doctor: Kozlov. She respects his wishes to be taken to Metro General, though the ER staffers there don’t know any Doctor Kozlov. Hmm …

Watching more of the videos from Kilgrave’s youth, Jessica notes that there were other kids in the program too. Kilgrave dismisses the idea that he could have done anything about them, and while he tries to yell for help when he sees Hogarth approach, Jessica quickly shocks him again. Hogarth isn’t too impressed with the plan, to which Jessica replies, “My plan was to cut his balls off, but now I’ll settle for a confession.”

Hogarth has her own bombshell to deliver: the D.A. has offered a plea deal of 15-20 years for Hope in exchange for her admission of guilt. She’s also under some stress because of her ongoing issues with Wendy, and she tells Jessica they only have 48 hours to decide. Jess leaves to find a cop to legitimize the video confession she hopes to wring from Kilgrave, telling Hogarth not to listen to the villain or to go into his room under any circumstances.

Things keep building and the final scene was intense. Truthfully, with multiple episodes remaining, Jessica and friends were always playing with fire holding Kilgrave. I just didn’t see that ending coming. The theme of responsibility was never stronger than in this hour, with the Thompsons and Hogarth now added to the list of people at least partially to blame for any horrors Kilgrave could still commit. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to see anyone stab themselves for the rest of my life, much less this series, but I’ve got a bad feeling more stuff like that is coming

What did you think of this episode and Which direction is the show headed in next?

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