Creed (2015) Review

Creed hits the UK theaters January 15th as the 7th installment in the Rocky saga looks to land a punch once again, this time its Rocky’s turn to fill the managers role as Apollo Creeds son looks to cast off his fathers shadow and make his own legacy, but will it leave up to the hype?

Time gets the best of us all, its undefeated – Rocky Balboa 

Rocky is like the Yoda of boxing as he passes off his knowledge onto the young son of his greatest rival, Apollo Creed.

According to critics Creed has revitalized the franchise while staying true to its origins, Creed is more than just a sequel or a spin off film, but rather a spiritual remake of the 1976 film that retells the original story in the kind of involving way one would not have thought possible.

Although Stallone plays a major role in Creed, the movie belongs to Jordan  as he is handed the reigns to one of the most iconic movie franchises of all time, and he runs off with it, rekindling its fire.

The story is simplistic and yet more has more grit than any other Rocky film as Apollo never knew about Adonis. The product of an affair, Donnie (as he’s called) was born after Drago killed his dad in the ring in Rocky IV.

Adonis himself didn’t know his parentage for the first half of his life and, after his mother died young, he bounced in and out of foster homes and juvenile detention centers.

All grown up at work he feels boxed in. And so he quits his job, packs his stuff, and moves to Philadelphia to find his father’s best friend and ultimate rival, Rocky Balboa.

Michael B. Jordan is the shining center of the movie. Adonis may be the offspring of Apollo and a mistress, but he feels more like the genetic mash-up of Apollo and Rocky. Quick to anger, Donnie is nevertheless sweet and hardworking.

He doesn’t have the cocky self-assurance of his father, but he also is more driven than the almost terminally laid back Balboa while still having that need to prove himself that made the original Rocky so affecting. When the hero’s goal isn’t to win but simply to prove that he deserves to stand in that ring it’s very easy to get behind him totally.

Sylvester Stallone in his seventh outing as Rocky Balboa. The series has done something intriguing with the character – it has returned him to his roots. Rocky’s dotage is humble, as we saw in Rocky Balboa, but more than that it’s lonely. One of the aspects I loved about the character in the first film was his loneliness; he wasn’t looking for a title fight, he was looking for someone with whom to share his life.

If this is to be the last entry to the series then its the perfect send off to the saga, with so many redeeming qualities and believable action this is truly not to be missed!

So out of a possible five stars, Creed gains:


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