Kill Bill Volume 2 (2004) Review

The Bride returns once again as she looks to finish what she started, but now the word is out that she is awake and seeking her revenge , whist this one is perhaps more subtle than its predecessor it provides extra plot and more of a sense of realism at times.

We start off with backstory and why the Bride and her wedding party were all gunned down that fateful day, Shot in black and white to set the tone and even with Samuel L Jackson in a minor role here this was a nice way to start things off, providing much needed backstory to the series.

Moving on the focus turns to Budd a former member of the Deadly Vipers, Budd is down on his luck, working as a bouncer and living in a trailer, But although he may seem a sympathetic character here that doesn’t  take away from his ability to be a threat against the Bride.

Whilst he may not be as proficient with a sword as his colleges, with a keen sense of his surroundings and a shotgun at the ready, he is able to come closer to killing the Bride than anyone before him or even after.

With the Bride finally subdued Budd puts in motion a way to make her suffer before her final breath, by burying her alive, it’s here we see a lot more of the relationship between herself and Bill through flashback sequences that ultimately lead to the origin of her training.

Here we are treated to the classic master/student relationship that has taken place throughout so many films, as the Bride learns from master Pai Mei  the skills that would make her the deadliest woman on the planet. We even have the obligatory climbing stairs training (You’re a wrecking machine!)

Pai Mei sporting the world’s deadliest eyebrows equips the Bride with all the skills she would ever need, even those required to tunnel out of her own grave. Bloody, dirty and barefoot the bride sets off on the path to find and kill Budd once and for all, traveling across the desert and various mountains (I was half expecting her to yell his name off a mountain) But the Bride would not be the downfall of Budd instead it would be Fellow assassin Elle Driver.

The Fight between The Bride and Elle is very toned down compared to everything volume 1 and rather than finish off Elle The Bride leaves her blinded in Budd’s trailer out in the middle of the desert.

The final Chapter in the saga begins as the Bride finally known as Beatrix Kiddo (No wonder they hid her name for so long) begins to play out as she closes in on Bill, what’s the twist? Kiddos Daughter is alive all along (Dun Dun Dunn!)

Honestly the final chapter is a slow one, what should be an epic battle that took the Bride down a long a bloody path to get to is reduced to a couple of quick heart bursting punches and it’s all over (maybe she should have used that more than once?)

This is a very well done film, but it’s very much a stark contrast to Volume 1, as the credits rolled it felt like I had watched this back to front. Seeing what Kiddo is very capable of, it just wasn’t satisfying for Bill to go out like with dignity the way he did.

But overall I am glad I finally saw these, even if it was 12 years since its initial release.

So out of a possible five stars Kill Bill Volume 2 earns:


There is plenty of talk of a Volume 3 and with Tarantino saying he would like to do one every 10 years, even detailing the mythology behind the next instalment the time could be right for the next Chapter

What do you think; should there be a Kill Bill Volume 3? Or are things best left alone in this case?

What did you think of this weeks episode?

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