Ash vs Evil Dead, S1 E9 Review

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so what better way to spend it then watching Ash slice and dice his way through the deadite menace!
From the ashes of last week’s dramatic episode, the fast paced show rose to the occasion and rolled forward, although at times a bit too quickly.
There was a lot jammed into this one entitled “Bound in Flesh” so where to begin?
Well first off we have a quick fight between good Ash and bad Ash before Kelly and Pablo take matters into their own hands and shoot the Ash they suspect to be the evil doppelganger.
How did they come to their conclusion you ask? Well bad Ash was too racist whilst the good Ash was only slightly racist (No seriously, that was the basis of their decision) I fully expected there to be a twist here but sadly that really was just it. But wasting no time we quickly move on as the happy hikers from last week are back and looking for a place to crash and can you blame them? The creepy rundown cabin, home to three blood splattered, gun and chainsaw wielding people does look cosy right!
But seeing as Amanda is still impaled in the front room next to Ashes evil twin, the trio are somewhat reluctant to let them in, Pablo and Kelly offer to guide the hikers down the back roads to a local town Despite the hikers just saying the woods have changed around them.  But despite this they head off as Ash proceeds to chop himself and Amanda up before they can come back once more.
Things take an unexpected turn as the fabled book suddenly comes to life; trying to convince Ash that if he destroys it, that Ash will no longer be special; this is all the distraction that is needed for Amanda to suddenly disappear!
Amanda isn’t gone for too long though as she returns and of course is possessed , wasting little time in killing two of the hikers and breaking the others leg, this is super gory! As all looks lost for Pablo and Kelly, who swoops in to save the day? None other than Ruby! As Amanda escapes her once more.
Finally we get to see Ash and Ruby together as Kelly and Pablo lead her to the cabin and sadly it’s not as tense or dramatic as it should have been, after all this has been building for nine long weeks at this point and yet the two bicker like children over the book (Although I did chuckle as Ash so eloquently said “Hey evil, why don’t you eat my butt”)
Ash is looking to bury the book whereas Ruby wants to take possession of the book to send the evil back to where it came from once and for all!
Reluctant Ash proceeds with Ruby’s instructions and tears the face from the book, tossing it to one side and presents it to Ruby. This is where Ruby finally shows her true intensions as she begins to recite passages (you can tell it’s bad as thunder and lightning kick in) The face of the book rises off the ground and attaches itself to Pablo’s face, doing his best Jim Carry’s The Mask impersonation.
Ash takes back the book as he yells that Ruby doesn’t know what she is doing, to which Ruby reveals she wrote the book (Dun Dun Dunn!)
This was a jam packed episode and that’s actually a bad thing, Cliff hangers from last week were quickly dealt with and suddenly over, which hurts the credibility of each threat as the trio simply dust it off and move on. Obviously this is a comedy horror and should be taken lightly but would it hurt to have the build-up pay off for more than five minutes later?
The gore is as you would expect, over the top and unrelenting, but it’s a fun kind of gore that you can watch whilst eating (at least that’s what I did).
Next week is the season Finale and there is a lot to do in just 30 minutes before we say goodbye to the trio until season two, due in October 2016 (That’s a long wait!) will the series end with a whimper or a mighty boom stick bang?
Over all this was a mixed bag of an episode laying the ground work for next week, whilst still enjoyable things did feel a little rushed, let’s just hope this is all redeemed come the end!

What did you think of this weeks episode?

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