Kill Bill Volume 1 (2003) Review

Quentin tarantino has always been a personal favorite director/actor of mine, from the classics such as Pulp fiction, Django Unchained and my personal favorite From Dusk Till Dawn. And yet it was only recently with a bit of prompting I finally saw one of his most acclaimed films Kill Bill.

Uma Thurman stars as “the bride” who is gunned down alongside her friends and soon to be husband at a chapel by a group of highly skilled deadly assassins. But even a bullet to the head couldn’t keep her down.

Broken up into various chapters and shown at different places in the timeline we learn that the bride was once a part of the group of master assassins known as the Deadly Vipers. Awaking over 4 years later she realizes her baby is now gone and wastes no time on plotting her revenge on those who betrayed her.

The Violence is fast paced and well done even if at times the “whooshing” and punching sound effects are a bit over the top, but I guess that was the aim here in this wild west meets kung Fu revenge tale.

The format is simple, the bride has a list of five names whom she plans to gain revenge on and take out anyone stood in her way. The first to suffer her wrath are a couple of perverts at the hospital, proving even without the use of her lets she is still deceivingly deadly.

The Bride provides the back story whilst willing herself to “Wiggle your big toe”. With her trusty sword at her disposal one by one she takes out two of her would be killers here and while that may not sound very much, that doesn’t stop the body count racking up to ridiculous numbers! By the end you have more severed limbs then crashed police cars in the blues brothers.

We are treated to several styles of film here, whether its standard format, black and white or even a lengthy piece of animation, but that doesn’t take away from the story in anyway. The ultimate showdown of this film comes as The Bride comes face to face with O-Ren (Lucy Lu) but before these two clash The Bride must carve a bloody and brutal path through her minions known as the crazy 88’s.

Suspend your disbelief for this scene as the Bride leaps and bounds against the suited warriors. This did feel as if it borrowed from the Matrix very slightly, taking the many agent Smiths vs Neo and turning up the violence (The matrix revolutions and Kill Bill were both released in October 2003, make of that what you will) whether this was influenced or not the comparison is there.

As you would expect The Bride now in her signature yellow and black attire and soaked in blood defeats her many foes and sets her sights to the remaining three names on her list.

Whilst an outlandish over the top film, it works very well, would it have been as well received if it didn’t have the tarantino name attached to it? In all honestly probably not. But the Director is well known for bringing an outside perspective to the table, Is every film he creates a classic, not at all

So out of a possible five stars Kill Bill Volume 1 earns:


What did you think of Kill Bill Volume 1?

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