2016 – 10 Reasons Its the year of the nerd

2016 is here! And it’s officially the year of the nerd! How so you ask? Well nerdlings there are no less than 7 comic book adaptations heading our way this year! With at least three of them very anticipated (You know which ones) Plus a new season of your favourite blind crime fighter.

Here I rattle off what you can look forward to if you’re a fan of this genre and even if you’re not, there will be times this year that you won’t be able to escape certain films (Just like Star wars)


First on the list applies only to the good people of the UK as Gotham Season 2 will finally find a home here on channel five (Took them long enough) as the series will Debut here January 11th at 10pm


Second, bursting onto the big screen is the Merc with a mouth Deadpool, due for release February 12th and I can’t wait! If the trailers are anything to go by, this could be the hit of the year.

Batman vs Superman – Dawn of Justice

Third is the much talked about Batman vs Superman – Dawn of Justice, will Afleck do the role justice, there will always be those who won’t give him a chance, but I have a feeling he may just surprise us here, due for release March 25th

Dare Devil

Fourth Netflix have been busy! And whilst there is no specific date as of yet, the second Season of Dare Devil is set for release in March this year, with both Electra, The Punisher and a possible Jessica Jones cross over planned!

Captain America – Civil War

Fifth, which side will you choose as its war! Captain America – Civil War will pit hero against hero, oddly even though he is confirmed, spider-man is nowhere to be seen in the trailer and you would have thought that would have been a no brainer to advertise him? Due for release May 6th

X-men – Apocalypse

Sixth on this list is the follow to the outstanding Days of future past, X-men Apocalypse, this is rounding off the trilogy and now with the X-men timeline changed anything can happen, due for release May 27th

Suicide Squad

Seventh it’s the bad guy’s time to shine as the Suicide Squad makes its debut, but you know all eyes will be on the Joker, hopefully people won’t dwell on heath Ledgers legendary interpetation when watching this version, due for release August 5th


Eighth, finally my personal favorite X-man growing up gets a chance to shine, Channing Tatum (Stop swooning ladies) takes on the role of Gambit. This one has been pushed back a few times already but now is due for release October 7th

Doctor Strange

Ninth the Last entry of the year maybe the dark horse here as Doctor Strange gets his chance to dazzle the world, due for release November 4th

Luke Cage

Tenth, ok so this is going be kind of vague but with no release Date except 2016 Netlix are giving Luke Cage his own series, in fact Cage, Dare Devil, Jones and even Iron Fist will all have their own shows before coming together to form the group known as The Defenders (Like a more dark and broody Avengers)

So there you have it, plenty over good stuff for you to nerd out over, there has never been a better time to be Marvel/DC Fan.

But if you can’t wait for that then be sure to check back here as I review all 37 (To date) Marvel live action films (Sorry I won’t be reviewing the animated movies unless asked to)

Your feedback is welcome here on wordpress (Film and TV Nerd) or Facebook and the Twitter machine!

Thanks for reading



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