Ash vs Evil Dead, S1 E8 Review

Things move fast on Ash vs Evil Dead, thanks mostly to the 30 minute format, but also as the back story is already well established this show tends to never slow down. In doing so you don’t really realize how much you care about a character until its too late. This weeks episode gave the first real gut punch in eight weeks that leaves you in shock as the credits begin to roll

Ash vs. Evil Dead has taken its audience on a wild ride over the course of its first season. However, no matter how wild it got it never reached a place of serious shock & awe. It’s been fun, scary and sometimes dramatic, but never has the show done anything that truly spawned a Luke Skywalker “noooo” yell… until this week. Finally, after eight weeks of playing things by ear, Ash vs. Evil Dead has done something so shocking that it leaves audiences with no choice but to sit back and realize, perhaps for the first time all season, that this is very much a world with stakes and loss.

Throughout the course of its run, the two characters that have felt the least developed are Amanda and Ruby. In every episode before last week’s “Fire in the Hole,” we watched the two of them take a back seat to the story of Ash, Pablo and Kelly until Amanda finally caught up to the gang and joined them in the final moments of “The Killer of Killers.” That said, looking back on the whole of it all now, it makes sense why the decision was made to play the trooper’s development the way it was.

With only a half hour run time, there was never a real opportunity to give Amanda multiple character moments in every episode so as to flesh her out. So, instead, the creative opted to give her one week so, when she eventually did reach her end in “Ashes to Ashes,” it would still have meaning.

Of all the characters the creative team could have picked to kill, it seems strange it would be the one that Ash has the most connection to emotionally. It’s a kill that serves Ash far more than it does Amanda,Honestly, the team that’s running the machine of this series seems much better and smarter than that, which is what leads one to believe this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Fisher.

In addition, considering the hints we see in this episode (and what we know of Ruby currently), it seems likely an Amanda resurrection is on the table, but at the cost of Ash having to put off a final closing of the Necronomicon and the evil it unleashes.

With everything that happened with Amanda, it’s easy to forget that “Ashes to Ashes” also expanded the franchise’s mythology once again. This time, we were given some insight into just how powerful the cabin really is. How powerful? So powerful that it gave Ash’s possessed hand the power it needed to grow itself a brand new Ash (Welcome back bad Ash!)

Episode eight was a true gut punch of an episode for anyone that’s enjoyed Ash vs. Evil Dead up to this point. Now, the stakes of the show have meaning again. People we like can die. The inevitable of Amanda’s death aside, there’s real reason to hope this death doesn’t stick for the mere purpose of Amanda feeling too important.

Her story feeling too incomplete to be over like this. She deserves more than to die at the hands of an evil twin. What that continuation looks like, however? Well that’s anyone’s guess at this point.

Pablo and Kelly had a minor part this week as they bumped into some hikers who are no doubt added to add to the body count at the cabin, Interestingly Kelly went onto tell the blonde hiker that Pablo has a girlfriend, giving her a look of disdain as if she were an unwanted flange to distract Pablo’s affections.

The use of clips from the original films were a nice touch, hitting home the horror that Ash once went through, the attention to detail on the cabin its self is flawless, we even get a cameo from Linda, Ash’s once beloved girlfriend (Until he had to cut he head in two)

overall this episode was a tough one and the next installment cant come soon enough

What did you think of this weeks episode?

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