Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015) Review

Star Wars has come back to us, 10 years after the shambles that was the prequel trilogy, but even with a new acclaimed director at the helm and the might of Disney acting as the driving force behind this one, Episode seven had a lot of making up to do.But i have to admit director JJ Abrams series reboot finally gives fans a new hope (See what i did there), You will see this movie regardless of what any review says, but rest assured, you won’t be wasting your time and this won’t lead to any prequel style critical backtracking once the excitement’s dust has settled.

Summarizing the plot can risks either spoilers or clearly indicating what can be spoiled, so let’s keep it brief: Luke Skywalker is considered a myth and now is missing, and both the Empire’s successor, the even more Nazi-ish First Order, and its successor adversary, the Resistance, want to find him.

The map for how to get to him is hidden on the super-cute spherical droid BB-8, and the dark side and the light struggle with each other to get it. The light side is represented by desert planet scavenger Ray ( Daisy Ridley) and storm trooper deserter Finn (John Boyega) and the dark is led by Kylo Ren (Adam Driver).

All are superb, the unknown Ridley displaying her self very well here Boyega proving himself, bringing a comedic yet compelling character to the franchise.

But it must be said that as well portrayed  as the comers are, this is Han Solo’s and Chewbacca’s film. It makes sense they he carry the show. It’s still pleasantly surprising to see the Ford actually try,and try far harder than when he revisited Indiana Jones (The space between spaces still haunts me).

It’s amazing though as 32 years on, we still care about Han and Chewie so when one takes a flesh wound that hurts, it actually impacts. Add to that the coming-of-age of someone likely to be central to the story’s future, and you have a class act of a film and one that redeems the hope fans have had for three decades now.

As you would would expect this film looks amazing, J.J Abrahams attention to detail is second to none, He is able to put a fresh spin on classics without damaging their legacy. We have outstanding CGI throughout and even practical puppet effects are used, but it’s all done seamlessly.

Even the faceless storm troopers have personality here, actually providing some laughs, one thing the never changes for them tough is their aim, they actually seem to get worse as the film progresses!

The battle scenes may be a little predictable but that doesn’t make them any less enjoyable in any way, But its the hand to hand (Well lightsaber to lightsaber) scenes that provide the best moments here.

There are some plot holes, such as R2D2 containing a map with a section missing, yet no one thought to look there for Luke, but honestly that cab be forgiven as this is a worthy follow up for the originals.

Some  scenes do feel as if they borrow from Guardians of the Galaxy, mostly the Ronan speaking with Thanos Scenes (Its not stealing if its all owned by Disney right?)

But that’s just me being picky, over all this is simply amazing and its no wonder this has smashed box office sales.

So out of a possible five stars Episode 7 earns:


This is a fun and enjoyable film that pays tribute to its roots whist setting the tone for the future, see it and you will simply love it!

Star Wars Rouge one is Set for release December 2016, with Episode eight released shortly after in May 2017, here is hoping too much of a good thing doesn’t water it down.

What did you think of episode 7?

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Thanks for reading!


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