Deadpool (2016) Preview

Deadpool, the merc with a mouth peaked the interest of nerds the world over with “leaked” Test footage back in December of 2014. The footage was a smash hit, racking up the hits and before we knew it Deadpool was on his way as the nerd community dropped to their knees and in one collective voice yelled Bobbies! to the heavens

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With the highly anticipated Deadpool movie coming in just 2 months, here are 3 things you can expect to see!

Before we get started, for those who haven’t seen the Deadpool trailer yet, check it out here.


  • So of course in a Deadpool film you can expect a whole lot of humor, one of the things Deadpool is mostly known for. With that light but deep voice at times, Deadpool never fails to make anyone laugh. From his bipolar personality, to him actually shooting himself at times, we can definitely expect a packed theater full of laughter come February 2016.


  • Next we have breaking the 4th wall. Now, if you know Deadpool, you know how much he loves to break the 4th wall. For those who don’t know what that is, breaking the 4th wall is when the character actually acknowledges that he/she is in a comic book, or in this case a movie and then they proceed to talk to the people reading/watching you can expect a lot of that sort of thing in the movie.


  • And finally the last thing you can expect to see is a lot (and I mean a lot) of dead bodies. Probably one of the things Deadpool loves doing most is killing, and you can definitely expect to see a lot of in this movie. He’s even killed the entire Marvel universe! Now I’m sure the body count won’t be THAT big but you can still expect a satisfying amount of carnage . Deadpool hits theaters February 12th 2016.

What are you expecting from the Deadpool Movie?

Your feedback is welcome here on wordpress (Film and TV Nerd) or Facebook and the Twitter machine!


In the meantime as Star Wars dominates the box office, what better time to have a Boba Fett vs Deadpool Rap Battle!, enjoy


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