Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983) Review

Ah back in the days when you had to wait 3 whole years for a sequel! not like 11 months or under in the modern age of cinema (Every 3 months for Marvel!)

This was the final piece of the puzzle for Lucas, from 1977 he had a hold of the cinema industry and he knew it. A massive success even before it was due to be released as Return of the Jedi  hit theaters.

Unfortunately the toy sales may have clouded the final judgement on the film and what we get is a massive advert for various toys with a bit of a plot thrown in.

Having said that …. Princess Leia in a gold bikini, need i go on? ok i suppose i must.

This was the final installment of the George Lucas franchise that delivers an epic conclusion to the Skywalker story.  After his defeat from Darth Vader, Luke goes into hiding while becoming more knowledgeable with the Force.

During this period, Luke constructs a new lightsaber and he concocts a plan to rescue Han Solo from the bounty hunter Jabba the Hut.  And after the successful rescue mission, Luke and the Rebel Alliance learn that a new Death Star is almost complete, which causes a great battle, in which our heroes attempt to destroy the Empire, once and for all.

However Luke’s mission and destiny is not to aid the Rebels, but to face Darth Vader once more, with the hopes of turning Vader back to the good side.

This is filled with tremendous amounts of action, adventure and space opera fun.  The rescue sequence on Tatooine was a fun, as was the Battle for Endor with the little Ewoks.  But some of the most entertaining sequences take place with Lando, leading the squad in the Millenium Falcon as they try to destroy the nearly completed Death Star.

The great thing about Return of the Jedi, is the full introduction to the Puppet Master himself, Emperor Palpatine.  We finally see him in this movie and he looks and sounds more sinister than ever.  The showdown between Luke and Vader isn’t quite as epic as “Empire,” but it was a really great sequence.

One thing I haven’t mentioned at all in these reviews is James Earl Jones.  Jones provided the voice for Darth Vader and he absolutely kills it for all the movies.  His voice is deep, resonating and gives Vader the ultimate identity.  And when Vader and Luke exchange words, it is so believable and real.

There are a few twists along the way, the most notable,the “you made out with your sister” moment (Lets just hope that’s all they did!)

This is a stark contrast to the previous film, The Empire Stikes Back is much darker and more brooding, Where as here its so much lighter and has a more uplifting tone.

The script was changed several times and you can hear a candid version of events as Mark Hamill says he was originally penned to turn to the dark side.

What is worth noting is who is at the table when he says this? none other than J.J Abrahams … hmm interesting.

This is a good film, not great sadly it was a case of making as much money from toy sales as possible, with giving the send off the trilogy deserved as a secondary thought.

But now our heros are back once more with the mighty Disney backing them up, lets just hope they do the franchise justice.

So out of a possible five stars Episode 6 earns:


Mainly due to how inept Storm troopers are …. seriously they couldn’t gun down all those Ewoks? for shame!

What did you think of episode 6?

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Thanks for reading!


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