Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Review

Four Films down and another 3 reviews to go in the Star Wars Saga! next stop The Empire Strikes back.

Its as iconic as a film can become, even after 35 years! it still stands the test of time and has created reference lines for millions of nerds around the world, what more can anyone ask for?

The Empire Strikes Back is one of those rare films where the title literally says it all. After the successful attack by the Rebel Alliance on the Death Star in A New Hope, the Empire retaliates by making quick work of any Rebels it can find.

Luke splits from Leia and Han because he must figure out whether he really is Jedi material or not. Meanwhile, Leia and Han develop a better relationship while on the run from the Empire and bounty hunters, but their time is running out.

This is the darkest of the three original Star Wars films and, in some ways, that’s a great thing. There are intense battles (icy fighting on Hoth, lightsaber dueling, etc.), more tech in the form of the AT-AT! (I expected a gag reel of them slipping over on the ice, like a spaced themed you’ve been framed episode)

And weird and creepy creatures on multiple planets. The separation of the main trio means that Luke has a lot of soul-searching to do and we see more of the how the Rebel Alliance functions.

Along with the introduction of new characters  such as mentors, friends and enemies. We get the big reveal about the identity of a major player in this saga (You have to see that scene at least once in your life, even if its a parody version)

sure there is some over the top acting and looking back on it, I wonder if it was the best idea to have the voice of Miss Piggy also play the greatest guru of the galaxy (If you’re a Muppet fan you can even see a few moments in which Yoda displays very Miss Piggy-like expressions.)

But look, if that’s what I’m complaining about at this point, you know there isn’t really that much wrong with this film.

Even though at the time it was less of a hit than A New Hope,later opinions were more favorable. It’s now mentioned on lists like Total film’s, 100 greatest films of all time.

I personally think of this as the definitive Star Wars film, that truly raised the bench mark for years to come … although i never understood the need to have battles on such high places.

So out of a possible five stars Episode 5 earns:

✪✪✪✪✪ Just for the reveal alone and for giving me a lifetime of saying “Do, or do not … There is no try” 

What did you think of episode 5?

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