Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005) Review

Good news, there is minimal Jar Jar Binks!, well done Lucas it took you 6 years to learn no one likes him, good for you

The last installment before the real Star Wars starts.  After 3 years of fighting in the Clone Wars, Anakin is lured towards the dark side by the evil Sith lord. The Jedi are taken by surprise and the beginning of The Empire is here at last.

The worst Jedi Council in history was currently in charge of the galaxy. They deserved to lose to the Empire. They lost a planet! They can’t see the future right in front of them. They never seem to see the future.

Yoda was suspicious of Anakin, but he just sits there till it’s too late. What did the Jedi council do to get voted in charge in the first place? I bet they just mind tricked a few people for the extra votes.

Anakin Skywalker. I know we weren’t supposed to like him, he does after all turn into the spine-tingling, hair-raising black clad Darth Vader. But still did they have to make him an emotional teenager that just needs a slap?

He spends the entire time whining about himself. Maybe the Jedi council just couldn’t be bother with him anymore and just let him carry on regardless.

But i do admit Darth Vader (Why did he get renamed by his master? surely he would get to pick his own name?) rising up and yelling NO! is pretty cool.

Not a bad film on the whole, it had some great moments and some you wish you had never seen.  All in all it did what it had to for us to really go to a galaxy far, far away.  The first three films were anticipated for so many years, and so many ideas had been thrown around, that I sometimes wonder if they could have ever make fans happy. The beloved Star Wars films that I grew up with, where I was whisked away on the Millennium Falcon, could never be replaced by a mediocre script and what seemed like a half-hearted attempt at making movie magic.

Its a shame as it truly felt like Lucas concentrated more on the effects than he did the entire plot of the prequels, having said that this does look a lot better  than the previous two entries.

Over all this is the best entry into the series of preqels, maybe people were expecting too much of Lucas and in all honesty would have everyone been with the end results? its doubtful

So out of a possible five stars Episode 3 earns:

✪✪✪ (A bonus star for handing the reins over to J.J.Abrahams)

What did you think of episode 3?

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