The Ridiculous 6 (2015) Review

Netflix funding + Creative control + Adam Sandler … what could possibly go wrong?

Adam Sandler and friends have gotten back together in The Ridiculous 6. Some would argue that Sandler’s continued creation of subpar films could be caused by the often heavy-handed control of major studios. Netflix’s trademark approach to giving complete creative control to the writers and directors have worked famously for them, giving them the most Golden Globe nominations this year for their original content.

The Ridiculous 6 offers many lessons and cautionary tales (hopefully to Netflix), but the biggest accomplishment comes in the form of completely obliterating any doubts on just how much damage Adam Sandler can cause when given free reign!

It’s disturbing how something so gorgeously shot can be so ugly. The serenity of the wilderness just shows how deranged every other aspect of this film is.

Much like Seth McFarlane’s western wreck A Million Ways to Die in the West, The Ridiculous 6 suffers the same flaws, but to a much more severe degree. Both films attempted to create a Blazing Saddlesquality western spoof, but all they ended up doing was shooting themselves in the foot and making a cataclysmic mess.

Where Blazing Saddles uses race, gender roles, sexual humor, and spaghetti western motifs as segues into jokes, The Ridiculous 6 uses them as crutches. They attempt to make you laugh through shock humor, relying on some outrageous one-liners with little build up or overall thought.

Sandler’s reliance on low-brow toilet humor has been overdone and predictable. His jokes are shit, literally. I knew it was a matter of time before some toilet humor came up, and the film couldn’t make the half hour mark before they let it flow freely and often.

Then came the jokes about bestiality and sex with inanimate objects. Then it rinses and repeats the jokes, having each punchline make several more appearances in the film with the same success, which was none. The actors in the film laugh exponentially more than you’ve probably laughed in all of Sandler’s films combined.

I found it hard to even summon a half-hearted smile when every repeated joke and gag comes off like nails on a chalkboard.

There is little positive to say about this film, except that it doesn’t reach any new lows. Typically, when you reach rock bottom, there is no where lower to fall, and this seems to be The Ridiculous 6‘s saving grace.

Its hard to believe that Sandler still finds sex jokes funny in 2015′ there is the implied relationship between Rob Schneider’s Mexican character and his donkey wife and don’t even get me started on Taylor Lautner’s overwhelmingly unfunny portrayal of a person with an mental disability.

It is enough to make you wonder if any of them knew about their roles before signing up for them.

Adam Sandler continues to basically create the equivalent of home movies with his friends, despite the great upgrades in the quality of the production. That proves two things:

1) No matter the amount of money you throw at a Sandler film, the overall quality will remain the same,

2) People will continue to give Adam Sandler money to create his incredibly one-dimensional, flat humored and offensive films.

The Ridiculous 6 forewarns of 3 more Sandler Netflix films to come. Let’s hope a real apocalypse comes before they do, since mass extinction would be the preferred choice.

This film earns a low one star rate ✪

Its films like this that make me feel bad fro liking his earlier work such as Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and Little Nicky

At least he tried in these films, but now it just seems like everything he is in now is an excuse to hangout with his friends and keep himself relevant just a little bit longer.

What did you think of the The Ridiculous 6?

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