Ash vs Evil Dead, S1 E7 Review

Is Ash about to fly solo?

The final minutes of episode seven showed the ideal team Ash had gathered glancing around for their El Jefe. Just minutes after telling them they were in his heart, he disappeared.

Dude is about to join his hand at the cabin, and I don’t think he’s willing to put his new friends at risk.

It makes a lot of sense that Ash would want to take off and face the dreaded cabin again on his own.

He never expected to fall for Pablo and Kelly, and definitely didn’t expect and Amanda to pop up, let alone for her to succumb to his charms after only one night’s fight against some deadites and survivalists. Ash really does have a thing with the ladies.

but this sure felt like Ash was saying goodbye and that we were supposed to think the others might be gone for a while.

Why? Because the scenes were just so good, for starters. The blood alone was increased by incredible levels, and it was fantastic!

It was fun listening to Pablo trying to determine what kind of a weapons guy he is, not bothering to contain his jealousy of Kelly’s quick decision to be a flamethrower type of gal.

The two of them in the back of the pickup as Kelly was spraying the deadite with automatic weapon fire as Pablo was in and out of her line of site was incredibly funny and tense, and I couldn’t help thinking of how much fun Bruce Campbell was having watching the two of them becoming covered in the gooey red blood.

Ash and Amanda’s scene was a little tame by comparison, but there was still a nice close-up shot of an ax to he head t just before Ash & Amanda came close to kissing in their big romantic moment.

We also had a gratuitous naked Lucy Lawless scene…girlfriend Ruby is not a human! And she’s hot, hot, hot (not such because she rose out of the ashes, either).

I’m expecting Ash and his hand to have a showdown of sorts, as well as them and Ruby. Will the three fight each other or will two partner against two? Surely we’re in for some fun Ash and hand scenes, right?

This was probably the most well thought out and meaningful episode so far. I’d hate for the gang to stay split up for long, and I suspect Amanda has the names of the victims and can quite easily find the cabin, so leaving them behind was more for dramatic effect than anything else.

Overall yet another enjoyable episode here, its almost a shame its was all over in half an hour.

What did you think of this one?

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