Top 10 ultimate Christmas films

It’s that magical time of the year!

So there isn’t much snow and it might be wet and windy, there are hordes or zombie like Christmas shoppers out in force, so what better way to unwind then watching a festive film to get you in the festive spirit.

So here are the top 10 ultimate Christmas films that make for essential viewing over the holidays, in this list we have something for everyone, from kids to grownups (I fall somewhere in between those groups)


10) The Santa Clause  (1994)

What better way to have your child believe in Santa than to actually become the big man yourself! , Tim Allen is on top form here in one of his most memorable roles. If you overlook the fact that Santa essentially falls off a roof dies and Tim Allen then proceeds to try on a dead man’s clothes, this is a highly entertaining tale of a man living up to his magical destiny.

This is a timeless film that parents and kids can watch together for years to come


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9) Home alone (1990) – Home alone 2 lost in new York  (1992)

So I cheated already and put two films in this spot (I’m a Rebel like that)

Ah home alone, the tale of a rich family who had too many kids and leave their youngest alone over the holidays ….twice (How they never got arrested for child negligence is amazing!) But let’s face it Young Kevin is a part of our childhoods as he took down two hapless criminals with micro machines, paint cans a spider. The first is clearly the best but I still have a soft spot for the sequel.

Whether Kevin is taking on the wet bandits or the sticky bandits, this is now part of our Christmas traditional viewing

Home Alone ✪✪✪✪ – Home Alone 2 ✪✪✪


8) Miracle on 34th street (1994)

There was always something special about Richard Attenborough, here he had the ability so make you believe he is none other than Santa. This is heart-warming and charming tale from a Stella cast as the might of the New York legal system looks set to crush the dreams of children everywhere. But Magic prevails and faith is restored.

You can’t ask for more than that


wp_ss_20151208_0006 (1)

7) Jingle all the way (1996)

Its Turbo time!

We’ve all been there right? The last minute Christmas rush, that one thing that you forgot –  Arnie Claims the number seven spot as he battles against Sinbad and even the likes of WWE’s Big show as he embarks on a crazy quest to get his son the fabled Turbo man action figure (I’m sorry it’s not a doll!)

This is a fun and silly Christmas film which can be enjoyed by everyone, whether its Arnie battling the Santa gang, chasing a child for a bouncy ball or even jet packing around the city, this over the top comedy is a must!

And don’t forget you’re my number one customer!



6) The nightmare before Christmas (1994)

Tim Burton’s greatest Gothic musical gets the number six spot as Jack Skellington, embraces the magic that is Christmas. If you have not seen this one, then it’s well worth a watch (just be prepared to feel like you’re watching a Halloween film at first)

As ever with burtons animations it’s dark and yet somehow very upbeat and endearing. He may not have been able to recreate the success he had here, but that comes with raising the bar so high.


wp_ss_20151208_0008 (1)

5) Gremlins  (1984)

We all know the rules: 1) don’t get them wet, 2) don’t expose them to daylight, 3) Never feed them after midnight (Ignoring the time zone rule here)

Who didn’t want their own Gizmo growing up, sure he may reproduce and create an army of crazed little monsters, but damn it he was cute! Billy and Gizmo fight off the Gremlins in their sleepy, snowy town in this Steven Spielberg film.

Is this a horror or a comedy? The lines blur very close together in this one, but one thing is for sure and that it’s not for kids in the slightest.

After all nothing says Christmas like freshly microwaved Gremlin, just like mum used to make.


4) National lampoons Christmas vacation (1983)


Who doesn’t have a soft spot for Chevy Chase (Lets just gloss over he was in hot tub time machine … both of them) With Juliette Lewis and Johnny Galecki on board what’s not to like here?

This is very much slap stick humour from the cartoon opening to an impossibly high speed sled ride. I have no problem admitting this is one of my guilty pleasures


wp_ss_20151208_0010 (1)

3) Batman Returns (1992)

It’s Christmas in Gotham, Tim Burton directs and Michael Keaton stars as the dark knight, which alone should be enough. Throw in the best portrayal of the Penguin and Cat woman of all time and this is a classic.

Burton graces this list for a second time with this masterful film, superbly done and with his own unique dark spin on things.

Whilst admittedly it’s not very festive, this is a forgotten Christmas title that needs that needs to be dusted off and revisited

Eat floor, high fibre!



2) Elf (2003)

Oh my god it’s Santa!!! I know him!

Who doesn’t love Buddy the Elf (Well Technically a human raised by elves) this is one of Will Ferrell’s greatest performances, his natural energy was perfect for this role, his pure over the top enthusiasm is infectious and most of all it’s all about having that belief that magic still exists.

After all what’s more magical than spreading Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear!



1) Die hard (1988)

Was there any doubt what belongs in the top spot?

As a friend once said to me, what’s more Christmassy than John McClain shouting Holy all the time!

Its Christmas, Hans Gruber is in full German terrorist mode and a bare foot McClain is the only one who can stop him! this is Christmas eve viewing tradition in my home. Sure there might be a lack of snow, no Santa Claus or carolling but who can deny the greatest action film of all time deserves the number one spot

After all, “Now I have a machine gun, Ho Ho Ho” is as close to the true meaning of Christmas as you can get!


What do you think of the top 10 ultimate Christmas films? Agree, disagree? Full blown rage mode I missed you’re favorite?

Your feedback is welcome here on wordpress (Film and TV Nerd) or Facebook and the Twitter machine!


Thank you for reading


2 thoughts on “Top 10 ultimate Christmas films”

  1. How could you miss out the classic the muppet Christmas Carol. The ghost of Christmas yet to come still gives me the chills, plus you can’t go wrong with Michael Caine


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