The Good Dinosaur (2015) Review

When pixar announced the Good Dinosaur they knew they had their work cut out for them, But could they have ever imagined that their previous title Inside out would over shadow their latest feature film.

So what Does the Good Dinosaur have to offer? well first off the animation is beautiful, about as flawless as it gets, crossing the line into what is real and what has been created. Sure the characters are a bit more cartoony against a real world backdrop but the two work really well together here.

Its breath taking enough to make you appreciate how much work pixar are willing to put into their films, which makes it a shame as the story is very basic and has been done before. The Good Dinosaur is basically the same as Ice Age mixed together with a dash of Finding Nemo with just a touch of the Croods.

The story follows Arlo the runt of the litter as he looks to make his mark just like his siblings and his father, as ever with a Disney film a parent is killed off (Seems to be the only way to learn life lessons according to Disney)  Arlo encounters a human and decides to name him Spot as they make a long and dangerous journey home together.

The story is fine for what it is, its predictable but does provide some rather shocking moments that parents may want to be aware of before going in.

First off there is the constant cuts and bruises both Arlo and Spot gain throughout the film, which whilst realistic at times is just plain over kill.

The second most shocking moment comes from a T-rex named Butch as he tells his children and Arlo of how he came to gain his notable face scars, telling in detail how he was bitten by an alligator before he in turn “Bit the alligator in half and drowned it in his own blood

Pixar are known for pushing the envelope with their ground braking animation but seem to be now pushing what dialog they can get away with.

What is odd is how the trailer implies the comet missing the earth is a major factor in this film, but that moment passes very early on and is not mentioned again.

Overall this was enjoyable and my son did like it, but it just didn’t feel special as it should have, Pixar raised the bar with Inside out in the summer and this just didn’t have the same magic that they usually bring to the table

The Good Dinosaur is memorable, just for the wrong reasons,

therefore gaining ★★★

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