The Voices (2014) Review

This the third entry of the Hidden Gems series, highlighting the greats that tend to get over looked, here we take a look at the film The Voices

Jerry (Ryan Reynolds) is a nice guy, he enjoys his job and he loves to get along with his co-workers. When he goes home, he spends his time with his pets, talking with them about his day and enjoys watching television with them. When he accidentally kills Fiona (Gemma Arterton) though his life takes a drastic turn. With Jerry covering his tracks, under the strict advice of his cat Mr Whiskers he ends up with Fiona’s head in the fridge yet another companion in his complicating life. When he starts a relationship with Lisa (Anna Kendrick) another co-worker, is she destined for the fridge too? Mr. Whiskers seems to think so…

In the film we tend to see the world through Jerry’s eyes. This means we are part of the conversations he has with Mr. Whiskers and Bosco his dog, both voiced by Reynolds and we see the bright and cheery delusional world he sees. When the real world sneaks through that rosy view though and we see the drastically different world surrounding him, the sudden change is jarring and perfect to make us realise the problems that Jerry has.

What impressed me the most about The Voices is that it isn’t just about the murder and decapitating women but it raises issues about mental illness and the effects on people’s lives. Yes, it is taken to an extreme but that underlying theme is still there. We see just why Jerry is as messed up in the head, and why his brain tends to put him in a sunshine happy place where animals talk to him and everything is like a real life cartoon, its Jerry’s coping mechanism for his messed up life.

When it comes to the killing, Jerry tends to do this by “accident” or the audience tends to be manipulated to think this. Even when we see the reality surrounding Jerry, we feel sorry for him because we see the real problems he has and understand what he is going through. This is the beauty of The Voices. We are fully along for the ride, wherever it ends up.

Ryan Reynolds is the real powerhouse behind the movie, not just for his performance as Jerry but also voicing Mr. Whiskers and Bosco. They are the two sides of his personality, Mr. Whiskers the predator and Bosco the cute cuddly friendly lump of positivity who just wants to be cuddled, walked and fed. Gemma Arterton and Anna Kendrick as the two love interests also play their parts well, especially Arterton after her death, playing up the British stereotypes that are believable in Jerry’s happy place. Kendrick is also good as Lisa, the girl who is obviously smitten with Jerry but tends to play second fiddle to Fiona.

What I liked the most about The Voices has to be that this isn’t your typical horror movie, writer Michael R. Perry and director Marjane Satrapi really have created something special. The reality of the situation that Jerry is in is skewed so at no times we think he is evil, even when we witness the actions that he takes. We are fully immersed in his world and fully understand everything through his eyes and that is what is so perfect. How often do we see a serial killer who takes advice from a psychotic cat as a tragic hero? Not often.

For people who want something different from your average horror film, then The Voices is the perfect fit. This movie could easily be my favourite Ryan Reynolds film because of his portrayal of Jerry, the fact he fully understands just how the character should be played and never falters in his charm offensive to make us love the character, it really shows just how good an actor he is. If you’ve ever complained that horror has begun to be too samey, then get this watched because you may just be pleasantly surprised.

Over all this is a well done piece gaining ★★★★★

What did you think of this film? Was it his finest role to date? (with Deadpool looking to claim that title soon)

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Thank you all for reading.


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