Ash vs Evil Dead, S1 E5 Review

Ash continues to cut a blood soaked path into regular Saturday night viewing with this highly addictive series .

Bound and gagged Ash loses his greatest asset his silver tongue. But his muttering of obscenities is quite funny (Even Bound and gagged Bruce Campbell is comedy gold).

With Ash strung up against a post for an exorcism and possible castration, this episode is a two-hander for the romantic sprouts between Pablo and Kelly. Kelly couldn’t be more coquettish when she is smoking weed out of a shotgun with her legs akimbo and unfortunately the incorrigible Pablo is taking the bait.

Whilst sticking to its comedy guns in parts, this episode is the most serious to date, blending a nice mix of tension and action.

Pablo’s blind faith in Kelly and denial of her Regan MacNeil possession. Admittedly, the projectile leech vomiting is the ickiest effect so far. Between that and Kelly’s cascading urine, Dana DeLorenzo isn’t apprehensive about looking unattractive.

It would be heartless for Ash to fling catchphrases during this bout when Kelly’s mortality is in jeopardy and El Brujo is tragically impaled (Having upright jagged sticks is never a good idea!)

What follows is a very well done sequence in which Ash slays the demon once and for all in an explosion of blue goo, followed by imparting wisdom on the Mexican Ben Stiller, “Shoot first, think never”.

We’re at the midpoint of the season and Ash is finally showing some remorse over his man-child antics. The power glove should ensure that next few episodes will include some Deadite-punching brute force. While it’s the runt of the litter, I was still satisfied with the horizons for where Ash and his merry sidekicks can go.

Honestly I enjoyed this episode much more over last weeks, Well done to the entire crew, this one is a must on see my list now!

How are you finding Ash vs. Evil dead?

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