5 Things we know about Captain America – Civil war (2016)

War huh yeah, What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again y’all, Ahem now that is out of my system The Captain America Civil War Trailer is here! (See below for the trailer)

But even though we have a long way to go, here a few things confirmed for Capt’s third stand alone film:

  1. Even though Marvel are hinting they want the fans to choose what side they are on, rest assure that this is Capt.’s film, meaning he will represent the lesser of too evil’s whist Stark looks set to play the protagonist here.
  2.  This is essentially an avengers movie, remember watching the Winter Solider and thinking hey why aren’t the avengers helping out here, well this time around we have a long list of hero’s coming together to aid or battle Capt.
  3. The list of hero’s is very impressive with: Captain America, Black Widow, Iron man, Scarlet witch, Ant-man, Falcon, Hawkeye, Vision, Winter solider, spider-man, agent carter, crossbones, Black panther, war machine and those are just the confirmed ones, let alone the rumoured characters! (Hell even aunt May is rumoured)
  4. The factions, Which side will each hero stand on, whist nothing has been confirmed for the likes of Ant-man and  Spider man, these concept art have been released for some time now, to give you a good idea of the core teams.



5. What hero’s if any are likely to die in Civil war? Whist Capt.’s conflict with Iron Man in the comics winds up being a non-lethal one, and both heroes walk away from Civil War alive.

But the rumors have been swirling around that Captain America may not appear in the upcoming The Avengers 3, and it’s well known that Chris Evans’ Marvel contract is running out.

Although this seems very unlikely, But time will soon tell

Who are you most excited to see here (Personally its spider-man for me) and how will this set up the next Avengers instalment?

Your feedback is welcome here on wordpress (Film and TV Nerd) or Facebook and the Twitter machine!


Thank you for reading.


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