The Walking Dead, S6 E7 Review

Well there you have it, for weeks the internet blew up demanding Glenn was alive all along, well done for the 99.9 % of you of believed this all along and for the 00.1% who thought he was gone (Cough, myself included cough) the shaming finger of shame is pointed at you all!

Personally it was a combination of relief and annoyance when this discovery was made, relief that such a beloved character survived the impossible and yet annoyance that such a beloved character survived the impossible (Not even a scratch), fans may not want to get too attached to Glenn though with Negan looming on the horizon.

Like many people had already guessed, Glenn survived by pulling himself under the dumpster that they had fallen off of, and then killing off the handful of zombies who notice him and then waiting it out.

The Walkers had eaten Nicholas on top of Glenn like a morbid Buffett all along. Glenn clambers back out only to discover Enid up above. She tosses him a water bottle.

Glenn asks her what happened back at Alexandria but she is reluctant to tell him, but eventually gets away, though he catches up with her again later.

Glenn forces her to return with him back to Alexandria, even though this is against her will.

Meanwhile back at Alexandria the squabbling continues, Spencer decided to leave via grappling hook to draw the walkers away (Good Luck with that), Rick and Tara and some others end up rescuing him and Rick yells at Tara for sticking her neck out for “one of them.”.

There is a nice scene with Rosita (The survivor with the least screen time ever) yelling at Eugene.

Meanwhile, Rick continues to teach Jessie’s son Ron (He seems to have forgotten about his own son) how to shoot, never once guessing that the kid may be up to no good. He even gives him a gun with no bullets so he can get used to wearing one. Neither Rick nor Carl suspect anything.

Ron gets his gun and immediately goes and steals bullets from the armory. For some reason, nobody has thought to put an actual guard on the guns or lock them up or anything. The same lady who couldn’t protect the food is in charge of protecting the arsenal.

Then the bickering continues as Speaking of Rick, he and Carol and Michonne all confront Morgan about his live-and-let-live philosophy.

They seem to forget he beat up 5 people wielding weapons … with a stick! saving lives in the process.

The creaky building that we’re shown throughout the episode as it dilapidates piece by piece suddenly comes crashing down.

The walkers are now within the walls of Alexandria! Will we pick up from here next week? or will we pick back up with Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham?

There were a few other minor things take place, such as Rick crapping all over the prayer circles, displaying his man-child tempter when he sees something he doesn’t like.

But over all a great episode, The Walking Dead has dragged along for a couple of weeks now, so to have actual story progression, character development and answers was so gratifying.

We are inching ever closer to the mid season finale, no doubt were there will be a huge cliff hanger, my prediction, this will come in the form of Negan and his Saviours, but time will tell.

Welcome back Glenn (You lucky sod!)

What did you think of the episode? are you delighted by the return of Glenn or is it too unrealistic for him to have survived?

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Also be sure to check out this video review from WassupMido, Which is set to become a regular feature here at Film and TV Nerd! enjoy



Thank you all for reading.



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