The Hunger Games -Catching Fire Part 2 (2015) Review

Hands up if you have not read the books (Raises hand) Its not a shameful thing, it just meant 1) I wouldn’t know what to expect from the final instalment from the blockbuster series and 2) I cant complain, well that’s not how it was done in the book!

That being said Jennifer Lawrence is Back as the face of the rebellion against the capitol, on a quest to end President Snows reign once and for all.

We follow Katniss from the moment she wakes up in the hospital and begin her journey that will see her lead an elite group in their mission to assassinate Snow.

Not too much happens in the first half, its all about getting the group ready to take on the capitol, so honestly this part can be glossed over here.

The streets of the capitol have been turned into a winding maze of death, with traps around every turn.

Her Group are to be the face of the rebellion, their every movement to be broadcast to give the alliance hope, even if they are several days behind the front line.

To make matters worse Petta, is suddenly dropped on the group, still caught between his love for Katniss and his paranoid murderous delusions.

We follow the group as the make their way though the deadly maze (No bodies on the streets though?) towards Snow’s mansion, as you would expect the team are picked off one by one is some pretty gruesome ways.

Traps aren’t all they have to contend with as peacekeepers are out in force searching for the group.

With each turn seemingly a dead end they go underground, But Snow has eyes everywhere and soon learns their whereabouts and in turn releases the “Mutts”.


The Mutts are something reminiscent of a resident evil movie and provide decent jump scares, even if you know its coming. This is a good scene with plenty of action taking place.

The survivors collect themselves and head to a local safe house, home to Tigress a former fashion designer for the Games, until Snow decided she wasn’t beautiful enough, transforming her into a human/tiger cross.

It soon turns out that Snow is offering safety at his own home for the capitol residents and asked that they all some at once for their own safety.

Seeing this as their chance, the group slip into the stream of citizens heading for safety, what follows however is shocking and truly upsetting as the rebels attack, killing mothers in front of their children, and as the children are passed forward, they are in turn bombed in a truly heart wrenching scene that will make any parent a little uncomfortable.

Its honestly pretty tragic and could not have been worse if taradactyls swooped down and carried them away (I maybe thinking of a different franchise)

Again Katniss wakes up in the hospital (Third time so far for those keeping score) And is informed that the rebels took the Capitol, once the citizens and peacekeepers saw that snow was willing to kill children they simply over threw him, but was it really him who ordered this or President Alma Coin?

Flash forward very slightly and Alma Coin declares that there should be a hunger games to restore order, much to the dismay of a select few.

This to take place after the public execution of President Snow, by the hands (Or arrow) of Katniss, but who will she point her arrow at, Snow or Coin?

After these events Katniss is read a letter from Plutarch, in the sad absence of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, this was a nice way to write him out of the story without tarnishing his work.

And so ends the war, Katniss no longer the face of a rebellion, settles down with Peeta and raise a family together, as the future looks brighter for them all.

This was a well done film, sure it dragged in parts, mainly the beginning, but over all this won me over, with plenty of action, plot, tension and even a bit of romance (ignoring Katniss sloppy kissing).

Its a sad end to a great franchise, which really elevated Jennifer Lawrence, establishing herself here.

Over all this is highly enjoyable so with that I give it ★★★★

It may not be perfect in places, but it does do the franchise justice.

(Side note Take a shot every time Katniss wakes up in hospital)

What did you think of this film? did it go out with a bang or a whimper?

Your feedback is welcome here on wordpress (Film and TV Nerd) or Facebook and the Twitter machine!


Thank you all for reading.


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