Jessica Jones S1 E3 Review

AKA It’s Called Whiskey , Jessica Jones continues to prove its with here as she continues to break new grounds (and a bed in the process)

This episode opens with an interracial sex scene between two superheroes delighting as much in each other’s powers as their bodies. In other words: Marvel is all grown up.

After a heavy session the two hero’s grab something to eat, we get an avengers reference from Luke here saying the “the big green dude and his crew”, an interesting note seeing how Marvel films are light and fun yet Marvel TV shows are dark and brooding, making it unlikely Jessica will be seen alongside Black widow anytime soon (Besides we all know its Capt’s crew)

We learn just a smidge more about their powers here as Jessica and Luke go on to say they got their powers from an accident and an experiment, respectively.

Trish really comes into her own here after not making much of an impression in the first two episodes. She’s alternately quirky, good-hearted, and tough.

Trish’s showdown with the possessed police officer proves she’s tough but not invincible, while Jessica’s fights highlight her compassion. She’s careful to knockout Killgrave’s lackeys without killing them.

He we have another avengers reference, as Trish goes onto say that aliens have attacked the city before. Personally the over use of avenger references at this point is a bit of a shame, understanding that this all takes place in the same universe, but please don’t start to rely on tie in’s now to make the show rather than find its own identity.

Jessica comes face to face with Killgrave, who looks a little shocked but remains cool and collected before making a quick exit.

we’re slowly learning more about how his powers work and what he wants. He’s got a creepy stalker room full of pictures of Jessica just to top it off.

We also find out Killgrave  made Jessica kill Luke’s wife, which explains why she was stalking Luke to begin with.

Over all yet another fun and captivating episode, with the less is more treatment. So far the feel of the show is great, honestly only a few episodes in and this just feels better than Daredevil already.

They just need to hold back on Killgrave as much as possible, keep him mysterious and very elusive as Jessica hunts him down.

Well done Marvel/Netflix, this has all the prime ingredients to be a winner!

What did you think of the third episode? Would you like to see more of Killgrave or should they hold back until the timing is right?

Be sure to keep an eye out for the episode 4 review

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Thank you for reading.



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