Jessica Jones S1 E2 Review

Krysten Ritter Continues to raise the bar for all female superheros (sorry Black Widow, its time for you to move over!)  as this series truly establishes its self here.

The Private eye with a mean streak has now turned her attention to finding and defeating the ever elusive man simply known as Killgrave. Her search is the main focus of the show, as she chases several leads.

As she does so we learn that Killgrave is unique and very persuasive, so much that he is able to convince a doctor to perform a double kidney transplant in order to”make him whole again” this comes at the expense of a young man who is now leading a life hooked up to a machine.

Whilst this is going on we get to explore other characters, namely Luke, who it turns out is hiding a secret very similar to Jones. This episode was entitled “AKA Crush Syndrome” which provided a nice balance of story progression, character development and a good dose of action without being over the top about it.

We have a bar fight scene, as a disgruntled husband finds out his wife has been sleeping with Luke, so in turn he brings his rugby teammates to make sure is punished for his dirty deeds. Jones becomes aware of this and rushes into save the day, except Luke doesn’t need saving it turns out!

After the action settles down, Luke and Jones come to the realization that they have the same abilities, Luke goes as far to demonstrate this by using a circular saw on him self (Dudes gotta be a show off huh) which ends this episode.

This was all very well done and the down play of any powers is interesting, once again, no explanation of their powers or how they came to process them, which will all come in good time im sure.

But if you take anything away from this episode its the very memorable entrance of Killgrave.


The Doctor will see you now! as David Tennant makes his debut here, we may not get a direct look at him, but his abilities are put to good use, as strolls into a family home with ease as they welcome him with open arms with the use of a few simple words (These arnt the droids you are looking for)

This was a good episode, its subtle approach, proving sometimes that less is indeed more and as we chip away at each character, the pay off will be worth it (Hopefully)

I personally look forward to seeing more of Killgrave, but fully expect that his appearances will be few and far between for now (as they should be)

Overall this show has had a strong start here, just keep that momentum going and this seems like a winning formula!

What did you think of the second episode? Did it stand out to you or is it likely to get lost in the shuffle?

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Thank you for reading, until next time!

Lee Congerton


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