Ash vs Evil Dead, S1 E4 Review

Shoot first, think never! is the lesson behind this episode, As we pick up directly after the events of Books from beyond with a helpless Amanda handcuffed as Lionel approaches.

Lionel forces her to put her own gun to her head, but before he can get her to pull the trigger, Ruby steps in to save the day, declaring that she is Amanda’s new best friend. We get a bit of back story here as Ruby goes onto say that her parents and sister were killed by Ash 30 years ago (referring to the events of the Evil Dead 2), she also believes Ash  was responsible for the deadite menace all those years ago.

How is she always behind Ash though, seemingly just one step behind him at all times and closing in, well that is explained in a very cool way, she has his possessed hand! and claims that it is trying to find it master.

Ruby and Amanda join forces in their search for Ash looking to end it once and for all, meanwhile, Ash, Kelly and Pablo are on the road heading towards Pablo’s uncle’s place.

Kelly’s not feeling too hot. Pablo suggests going to the hospital, but Kelly insists that it’s just a concussion and it’ll pass. However, it doesn’t seem like that will be the case because when evil enters their car and starts messing with Ash’s radio and door locks, it seems to be messing with Kelly’s head a little as well.

The Gang outrun a “Drafter” making it on the the ranch just in time which is protected grounds, Brujo confirms the flame inside Brujo confirms the flame inside Ash flickers – but it’s dim. Ash is satisfied with the assessment, but Pablo’s uncle notes, “It’s not bright enough to illuminate what you seek.” Brujo assigns Pablo to tend to Kelly while he goes off with Ash to “look inside of him” with some help from a little hallucinogenic medicine sending Ash on a bad trip.

While Pablo tries to be the best sidekick he can be and make Ash a new hand using old video game parts and what appears to be meccano, Kelly’s headache is kicking into high gear. As one might expect, the problem wasn’t a concussion. Turns out, Kelly never actually defeated Eligos.


He’s inside her and can possess her at will. After distracting Brujo, Eligos makes his move and invades Ash’s mind while he’s on his trip.

Ash confronts the demon in his mind, unaware he is attacking Kelly in reality, this one ends on cliff hanger with Eligos still having a hold over Kelly.

This all within the space of 30 minutes, the pacing of the show is great, nothing feels rushed or over looked, although i do have to admit as the situation worsens for the trio, Ash seems to regress more which at times can be a little irritating, just wanting him to be the bad ass we know he can be.

Good to see that the look behind the scenes this week did not spoil anything for next weeks show (a major gripe of mine from the previous week)

But over all yet another highly chaotic, fast paced enjoyable show this week.

What did you think of this episode? Did the drug trip add or take away from this episode

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Thanks all for reading!



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