Jessica Jones,S1 E1 Review


Krysten Ritter is back on our screens as Jessica Jones, in the new Marvel series brought to us by Netflix in this gritty, tense and dark show that sets this apart from the rest of the marvel universe.

The entire first season in on Netflix for to binge on at your leisure, but what can you expect from the new hero?

First and foremost this is a lot darker than what the casual Marvel fan may expect, this is aimed at a more adult audience, which is evident with several sexual scenes that take place throughout the show (Not that I’m complaining about that!)

As Much as a Marvel fan as I am (Neeeeerrrd!) I admittedly didn’t know much about the character, after one episode that still remains the case for now.

In this episode entitled AKA Ladies night” we find that like most super hero’s Jones lives in New York, working as a private eye, by her own admission she mainly is hired to catch out cheats in the act and show the evidence to their partners.

Her abilities soon become apparent, displaying super human strength, but how she came to acquire these powers is not detailed here, so don’t go into this episode expecting an origin story. When seen using her powers she is referred to simply as “one of them” which is the only acknowledgment of her abilities thus far.

After being put on a case that hit a little close to home, Jones needs to leave town as soon as possible, simply inciting that “He” is back and up to his old tricks, tricks that Jones fell prey to once before herself.

What makes this enjoyable is that Ritter is very believable in this role, playing this straight with plenty of snark and bite that gives her character a real edge. And yet when Ritter needs to, her ability to convey real fear and panic oozes to the surface with ease.

The end scene is a shocker to say the least, setting the tone for the rest of the season, Jones at first deciding to turn her back on things, but soon has that defining moment that every hero needs to rise up and claim their destiny.

The style of the show is fantastic also, whilst set in the modern era it somehow has a 1940’s gangster/detective feel to it, from the boozy private eye, the dame in distress and even down to the musical score, this has a lot of elements that pay homage to classic cinema.

The eagled eyed amongst you will note that this has a predominantly female cast, in fact the male members barley utter two words within the first ten minutes, which is a great move and perhaps an example of freedom Netflix has when creating its own content (no Disney interfering here)

Over all this looks like a great way to spend the next few evenings, obviously there is already talk of a cross over with Dare Devil, but all good things in time!

What did you think of the debut episode? Did it stand out to you or is it likely to get lost in the shuffle?

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Thank you for reading, until next time!

Lee Congerton


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