What we do in the Shadows (2014) Review

What we do in the shadows in a Vampire mockumentary, as a film crew are given unprecedented access into the hidden world of the vampires, following the lives of four vampires – Viago, Vladislav, Deacon, and Petyr as they try to cope with living in the modern era.

Each of the Vampires are centuries old with the exception of Petyr who is over 8000 years old more savagely than the younger vampires, Each night, Viago, Vladislav, and Deacon prowl the streets of Wellington searching for people to kill, but they must stay in the flat during the day to avoid sunlight—which is lethal to vampires—therefore they have not adapted to 21st-century life.

The dynamics between the four characters is outstanding, as they each portray their characters superbly and display great chemistry together, which keeps this engaging, fun and fresh. Deacon has a human servant (familiar) Jackie,who runs errands for the vampires, but she is frustrated that Deacon will not turn her into a vampire. Jackie leads her ex-boyfriend Nick to the vampire’s flat so they can drink his blood: he escapes before they can kill him, but as he leaves the flat, Petyr attacks him and later turns Nick into a vampire.

Two months later the vampires accept Nick into their group and also bond with his friend Stu, a computer programmer who shows them how to use modern technology. Nick struggles to adapt to life as a vampire and carelessly reveals his secret to strangers he meets in bars and clubs

Nick’s careless actions lead a vampire hunter to their home which in turn leads to the death of Petyr, Forcing the Vampires to point the shaming finger of shame (Al Murray would be proud) at Nick and cast him out, sadly for the clan their beloved Stu leaves with him.

As time passes the vampires receive an invitation to a masquerade ball, where they meet other undead and supernatural creatures, as well as Vladislav’s ex-girlfriend Pauline, whom he nicknames “The Beast” due to their hard break-up. Nick, Stu and Jackie also attend. To Deacon’s annoyance, Nick has turned Jackie into a vampire

Following the events of the ball, the clan now reunited with Nick and their favorite human Stu run into a pack of werewolves in which a camera man and Stu are attacked and assumed dead.

Those familiar with flight of the concords will recognise many of the cast here, which as usually bring their offbeat sense of humor. It’s a rare thing for a mockumentary to be this enjoyable, actually on the same level as this is spinal tap.

This is highly entertaining, with a brilliant sense of wit throughout the film, it’s highly addictive how good this is from the moment it begins until the final credits roll. Puttting a fresh spin on a worn out genre that and is not afraid to poke fun at its self.

This was highly enjoyabl film that is currently available on Netfix, its s title that you can back to again and again. Earning its place as the second entry in the Hidden Gems series

I rate this one ★★★★★

What was your opinion on this mockumentary, did you find it engrossing as we did, or did it lack the bite it needed to make this?

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Thank you for reading, until next time!

Lee Congerton


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