The Walking Dead – help


Last Sundays Walking Dead, gave those hopeful for Glenn’s return something to cling onto, when a mysterious voice uttered a single word over the radio “Help

Now rather then jump to the conclusion that somehow Glenn got out of an impossible situation and had finally contacted the others, my prediction is that it’s not Glenn but in fact the introduction the charter known as Jesus.

Paul Monroe, more commonly known as “Jesus”, is a main character first encountered in issue 91 of image comics, The Walking Dead. While initially mistrusted by Rick and his group, he eventually gains their respect as a valued comrade.

As we all know Negan will soon make his presence felt, the tease last Sunday was there, as he and his group known as the Saviours, hunted the three people who managed to escape them.

For every good, there is an evil and this is no exception for Jesus and Negan. As the two polar opposites clash in an all out war, that looks set to take place in season seven.


With the recent casting of Jesus this seems like a likely and memorable way to introduce the character. Others may argue that Glenn was also seen in a recent photo on set after the events of his “death” but this isn’t unfamiliar for characters to film scenes after they have been killed off.

A prime example of this being both Lori and the Governor made brief returns as visions long after they had passed.

For those who read my pervious article on Negan (Cheap plug!

Then you will know in the comics that Negan is the one to kill off Glenn, in a very vicious and sadistic way. But as much as the show tries to stick to its source material, it also does have to be highly original to shock even the most die hard fans.

The Addition of Jesus may be what brings the group together after such a massive loss to them all, described as a collected man, soft spoken and always with wisdom to impart, he maybe the calming factor that they need.

Who do you think the Voice was on the radio? is it really Glenn?, maybe its a trap set by the Saviours?

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4 thoughts on “The Walking Dead – help”

  1. Agree, terrible episode. 2 months later, One eye Carl seems unaffected at the loss of his eye. The domestic parts seem like they took place out of the Zombie Apocalypse, to clean, to light. Ninja Jesus. A road side store that was unlocked and untouched with a fully loaded truck also unlocked and untouched. Why are those Zombies tied down at the Benny Hill farm? And the dialog in most of the scenes, horrible! Felt like it was made by a director of Teen Shows, bad ones. First truly bad episode of TWD!


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