The Walking Dead, S6 E6 Review


This weeks Walking Dead, ended on a big tease! but more about that in a moment!

This episode was focused around Daryl (Stop swooning ladies!) Abraham and Sasha, as they become separated shortly after the events of the first episode.

Daryl finds himself in a burnt out forest as the Saviours are closing in! when he stumbles across three people, who in turn mistake Daryl for one of the new and mysterious group. They proceed to tie him up as they search for one of their own, As you may expect things don’t go to plan as Daryl is never one to be held against his will for too long.

Meanwhile Abraham and Sasha are held up in a small building, trusting that a Daryl will see the sign they left for him. Abraham is put through his paces here as he struggles to cope with the situation around him, unable to charge in and work off any aggression,  he is almost at a loose end here.

These two have the back and forth you would expect, with Sasha finally getting to grips with her life as Abraham is still in the go in gun blazing phase in his. We see a subtle tease that there may one day be something more between these two as they connect on a personal level.

As Abraham takes a stroll to yell in a walkers face, find some rocket launchers and of course find some cigars, hitting the mother (Dick) load, Meanwhile Daryl’s situation has changed, as he manages to escape from his captors, but soon runs into the path of the Saviours.

We see a tease of the leader of the Saviours here, (well just his top half, like an episode of cow and chicken) as they hunt for the three people, who it turns out have fled from them.

One of Saviours is bitten and in turn has his arm cut off by their leader with the worlds sharpest machete (seriously, one clean swipe to cut his arm off) which is enough to make them fall back.

What follows is a pretty cool scene, as two walkers that have been cocooned spring to life, killing one of the three right before their very eyes.

The two survivors, ungratefully steal Daryl’s bike and trusty crossbow (Much to the dismay of the ladies out there!), but as luck would have it there is a perfectly good van in the forest!

Soon Daryl, Abraham and Sasha are reunited and headed back to Alexandria, as the episode comes to a close we hear a voice over the radio simply say “Help“.

Now before the Walking dead fans jump for joy over this “proof” that Glenn is alive,  this has already been disputed by Norman Reedus, as being quoted “That Radio Voice:, It’s Not Glenn” but make of it what you will, AMC love to toy with your emotions!

This weeks episode, whist a little lack luster, was a big improvement on last weeks, with decent character development, story progression and overall this week had clear direction.

There were some small faults, such as the three who had run from the Saviours thinking Daryl was one of them?, surely they would have recognized him if he was.

But looking past this, the episode held up well, setting the stage for next week as the search begins for the mystery voice on the radio.

What did you think about this episode? just who was the voice on the radio? just how many of the Saviour are there? and Finally are the wolves still out there? (This could lead into some interesting alliances)

Your thoughts and feedback are welcome here, on Twitter @CongertonLee or on the facebook page Film and TV Nerd (

Thank you for reading





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