Spectre (2015) Review


Now I want to start this off with a confession, I am not the biggest Bond fan in the world, I was even once bought the entire collection as a gift (up until Casino Royal) but never opened it. Sure I watched them all as a child, they were always on ITV each weekend as Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan (My personal favorite) amongst others, all battled various bad guys hell bent on over taking the world.

I could see the appeal in it, the charming gentleman, the sexy girls, the cool gadgets and the fast cars are all designed to gain your attention, But somewhere along the way it just became a bit monotonous for me. But I fell for the hype of the 24th installment and had to give 007 my attention once more.

In preparation for Spectre I watched Skyfall for the first time a week prior, I discovered gone are the days of the outlandish story lines and the witty (yet sometimes cheesy) one liners and in its place is a more gritty, realistic bond.

The premise was very interesting and at moments it had my full attention, but Skyfall just fell flat to me, long and drawn out I just felt it didn’t pick up until towards the end.

Putting all this aside Spectre is on another level to this previous outing, as Bond encounters a underground group known as Spectre a group that look to end Bond once and for all. The film has a bigger feel to Skyfall as this takes place across, Mexico, Rome, Austria and of course London.

This pays homage to the classic Bond films, with the silent henchmen (played by Dave Batista) who is a throwback to the iconic Jaws and odd job, but without the cheese element (no metal teeth to bite through guns, bowler hats or custard pies thrown here!).

But there is something amiss here, feeling like this story has been done before, it mainly reminded me of the Winter Solider, as Capt came to realise a secret group known as Hydra have infiltrated at the highest level (with less super heroes though)

I cant fault Daniel Craig though, he is the gritty, realistic Bond that the modern era needs, his performance is flawless as it that of Christoph Waltz who plays the classic evil villain with ease.

Its more the predictable story that hurts this film and its easy to see why it has been met with such a mixed response. The action is first class, the cast all have the right chemistry, its just the uninspired story that makes this film another typical spy thriller. Attaching the 007 moniker doesn’t make a film instantly great, a lesson the writers may want to remember for next time.

I give this film 3.5/5 Stars  lets hope they can up their game for the 25th entry!

What are your thoughts on Spectre, has Bond had his day or is there life left in the franchise?

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Thank you all for reading


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