Kung Fury (2015) Review

This is the first entry into the hidden Gems series, looking at the obscure but soon to be cult classics out there.

All things 1980’s! neon lights, power ballads, VHS tapes, ghetto blasters and more, all crammed into this glorious 30 minute film entitled Kung Fury!

David Sandberg stars as Kung Fury, a Miami detective who possesses a new and powerful form of kung fu after being struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra, thus becoming “The Chosen One” as foretold by an ancient prophecy.

As an out of control arcade machine goes on a murderous rampage, the police call the only man capable of stopping him, Kung Fury!. As fury defeats the machine, we learn that he once had a partner who was killed by a mysterious red ninja, now working alone Fury is suddenly paired up with a new partner Triceracop (voiced by Frank Sanderson), a half-man, half-Triceratop.

This doesn’t sit too well with Fury, but soon things take a turn for the worst as none other then Hitler a.k.a. “Kung Führer”, enters the timeline and remotely guns down the police chief and attacks the precinct through a mobile phone.

The only means to stopping Hitler? have computer whiz Hackerman send him back in time to kill Hitler in Nazi Germany A glitch in the system, however, sends him back into the Viking age.

This is an over the top homage to the 1980’s action genre that dares to push the limits, making this truly unique from everything else currently out there.

Upon his arrival, Kung Fury single handily mows down dozens of Nazi soldiers with his kung fu skills, putting his Winklepickers (a shoe with a long pointed toe) to deadly use, but is gunned down by Hitler. This scene pays tribute to classic games such as streets of rage and street fighter.

We have some great 1980’s styled cartoons thrown in the mix too just to cap this off, this short film comes to a dramatic conclusion as Fury ends up where he started once more, looking out onto his city knowing that his arch nemesis Hitler is out there somewhere!

This is not meant to be taken seriously, if you cant suspend disbelief for half an hour, then this one is not for you, however, if you can, then the over top action and ludicrous story undoubtedly will have in you hysterics.

If you loved this then good news as a feature length film is in the works! but can they recreate the magic that was captured here and make it work once more? only time will tell.

Either way Kung Fury is a hidden Gem currenty on Netflix (Entire film below!) gaining 5/5 Stars

Masterfully done, visually outstanding and truly engrossing, this is not to be missed

Did you love this or was it too far out there for you? will a feature length movie work?

Your thoughts and feedback are welcome here, on Twitter @CongertonLee or on the facebook page Film and TV Nerd (https://www.facebook.com/Film-and-TV-nerd-153856841337393/?ref=hl)


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