Ash vs Evil Dead, S1 E3 Review


Ash continues he destructive path this week as he and his new found sidekicks take on the forces of evil head on!

This show (entitled Books from Beyond) picks up directly were we left off last week, Now fully introducing Lucy Lawless as Ruby Knowby, A mysterious figure who is myopic in her quest to hunt down the source of the recent evil outbreaks. Ruby shares her surname with the professor who originally found the book prior to the first movie.

She is the bad ass character you would have expected, not only does she show no fear of the deadites, she actually goes as far to interrogate one of them for information!

Meanwhile Ash, Pablo and Kelly head to a store called (you guessed it) Books from beyond, in order for the owner to recite a passage from the book to send the evil back to where it belongs. The owner however is unable to do so, so it is decided to summon a “whimpy” demon who would be able to instruct them on how to end this once and for all. This is heavily objected to by Pablo, but despite his protests they proceed and read a passage aloud from the book.

This demon is unlike anything we have every seen in the Evil dead universe, called Erogos, this is a faceless, grey sinister looking demon who demands to know why he has been brought forth.

Although summoned under “safe” conditions as you would expect things don’t go to plan when Ash accidentally breaks the circle containing Erogos, which for once is his fault

What follows is actually a tense fight with a demon who is nothing like the deadites we have come to know, able to phase in and out of our reality making this the most deadly we have seen to date.

The special effects are pretty decent here and to have ash go up against something even he has no idea how to defeat keeps this show from becoming stale. This week we end on somewhat of a cliff hanger as the book store owner has risen up as a deadite, lunging for the captive Amanda Fisher.

This weeks show proved that even without Sam Rami at the helm, this can stay consistent in its approach, still appealing to the die hard fans and that of a new generation.

the only annoyance i have is not directly with the show its self, but more do to with the network that broadcasts it, when a show ends on a cliffhanger, to give a sneak peak of what is come next week, directly as the credits roll, undoes all that work, which is a shame.

But over all, this continues to prove its self as a great blend of horror and comedy, The cast are all on top form and just become stronger as the weeks go on.

What did you think about this episode? was the new demon a nice touch? where will Ash and company wind up next week?

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Thank you for reading


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