The Walking Dead, S6 E5 Review


Well this weeks episode, which was entitled “Now”  saw some of the residents of Alexandria collecting themselves after the onslaught of the wolves. i say some of the residents as conspicuous by their absence were both Morgan and Carol, an odd move seeing how prominently these two characters have been featured recently.

For the first time in this series we experience a bit of a lull, as this time around there is very little plot or character development. the walkers are at the walls but oddly for a group of shut ins, no one seems that bothered, as they stand in plain sight of the dead masses, looking down on them.

In the mean time we are treated to the weakest looking fight between Carl and another pubescent boy by the name of Ron, which is reminiscent of the old man fight from Family Guy.

download (2)

The defeated young man just laid there after a devastating shove, acting like a wounded platypus, what was the point of this?  im sure there is a better way to do a coming of age story line with Carl besides a teenage love triangle.

Then we have Maggie and Aaron (Whom i had the pleasure of meeting at comic con London recently) who went on the search for Glenn, and only Glenn, there was no mention of concern for Michonne or any of the others? but soon they turn back with Maggie revealing that she is pregnant. There is a pretty cool scene in the sewers as they take on some of the most gruesome looking walkers we have ever seen, this being the highlight of the show.

Back in Alexandria the names of the dead are written on the wall for all to see, the last name being Glenn (AMC love to mess with you)  but once back, Maggie begins to remove his name keeping hope that he is alive. Then we move over to Ricks side story as he pays more attention to Ron then he does his own son before heading off to make out with his mother (Not too concerned over the well being of Judith then Rick?).

Over all this was a mixture of mini stories, designed to give you an over all view of the mood within the walls of Alexandria. its just a shame the stories didn’t mesh well together, feeling like there was no real direction this week. This was just a filler episode with very little story and character development, which is a shame seeing this came hot of the heels of the well thought out Morgan back story.

The show ends with Deanna as she stares at the walkers outside defiantly before walking away, failing to notice blood dripping from a crack in the wall, with is a nice metaphor as its not only the walls that are starting to crack, but also the residents.

This episode was the first real dud to come along, the lack of care from Rick for his daughter and son is baffling, this just didn’t add up for me. Can every episode be action packed, gory, edge of your seat entertainment? of course not, but this weeks episode just didn’t have enough depth to make it memorable.

Over all, there were three questions left from this weeks show: 1)  when will the walls give way? 2)  can next weeks episode entitled “Always Accountable” redeem this weeks lull? and 3) the ultimate question is Glenn still out there?

What are your thoughts on this episode? did the lack of continuity hurt the show? or did you enjoy it?

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Thank you all for reading

Lee Congerton


2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead, S6 E5 Review”

  1. It was an interesting episode for sure. It could have been better. I’m not sure where the writers are going with the latest developments, but it seems to be heading to a climax soon. We’ll see. I just hope there will be more story soon to explain things a bit better.

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